Do boy kitties have nipples?

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Purred: Sat Jan 24, '09 5:17pm PST 
I know this is a really stupid question. red face I've had cats all my life, including males, but never noticed this before. Lurch has a black coat and pure white skin. When I got him less than a month ago, his coat was very thin and had small bald spots. Today I was checking him out and it's much thicker and softer.

BUT... he has bald spots on his belly, and they all seem to have a small red dot in them. The first one looked like a little pimple, then I saw there were a number of them. He is certainly male, so I guess the reason I never noticed them on other cats is that their coats were thicker?

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i had nipples!!! my sister assumes that like many other mammals, it's a vestigial appendage.


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Its not a stupid question. big grin

The judges always tell us, no question is stupid, if you thought of it,
somebody else did to. Never be afraid to ask, thats how you learn. big grinbig grinbig grin

Now I gotta go check Bumpurr and see if he has nipples, mol, mol. big grinbig grinbig grin


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Good question - many years ago when I saw nipples on Bishop I thought it was the wierdest thing laugh out loud Glad to know I am not the only one to think about this dancing


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Purred: Sun Jan 25, '09 6:52am PST 
Yes, I do! Freaked my human sister out! Can't really see them on Smudge, but with my long hair they are really obvious.

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Male humans have nipples - why not male cats?laugh out loud

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I have nipples! My meowmi freaked out when she first got me because she thought they were flea's or ticks. I have long hair so when she was feeling around on my belly she felt them and tried to get one off. OUCH. I laugh about it now but at the time- not so funnylaugh out loud


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I'm so glad I didn't try to pop the "pimple" big laugh