How to tell gender when just a few days old...

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Ok Tiger's a new mother. (accidently) And I know some are going to say I should have been more careful or get her spayed.

1. She is not my cat and I did keep telling them to get her spayed.
2. They are getting her spayed when the kittens get old enough.

Ok anyway she has four beautiful kittens. And healthy.
Problem:How do I tell a male from female?

I won't be back to my house for a until Sunday, but still we would love to name them and gender plays a key part in naming. They are only a few days old. Three or four. The were born sometime between Thursday and Friday.
Help would be appreciated!!

Ohh yeah you can see a few pictures of Tiger and her kittens.

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In theory, the easiest way is boys look like a colon : two dots right next to each other. A female looks like a semi-colon ; a dot then a slit. It can be difficult to sex cats, even at such a young age. My vet (with at least 20 years experience) got a kitten and named him Amtrack...until a couple weeks later when he discovered he had an Amy! hehe

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This is Delyte. It's pretty easy to sex kittens when they are very small and don't have a lot of fur around the area, using the colon and semi-colon method. When they get older, it gets harder so do it when they are small and remember which is which. If they are different colors and markings it helps but if you have a lot of one color it's hard. Purrs to you!


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I have four six week old kittens and I was able to accurately determine the genders of all my kittens in the first few days. big grin
Pretty much what everyone else described. A dot and a bump for a boy or a dot and a slit for a girl.
Also, it was probably a coincidence but I noticed all the males in my litter were larger than the females from day one. This I wouldn't depend on as a method to accurately determine gender.
And if you're not sure, you can always give a gender neutral name. There are lots of really great names that work for both genders. big grin


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Thanks. The should all be short-haired since both Tiger and the father are short hair. You can tell them all apart so know problem there, but I won't be back until Sunday and by then they would be...

ummmmm (my math is kind of bad)... 10 days old (that took like ten minutes to figure out) Would it still be easy to see the colon and Semi colon?Or would I need a different way?


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also, males have a bigger gap between there anus and penis. females is more of a slit from anus down. you'll get it. its hard to tell.

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Congrats on becoming a mom! Well I've changed so accept my kitty request to be friends!

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Hi of course if you read our name you know who we are. We are now two weeks old and two days. We have met both Baby Girl (a black lab) and Brittany (the neighbor's dog). We don't like Britt to much though she tries to lick us and likes licking our face. Ewww.

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yea the semi colon and colon thing works.. only thing is someone mentioned their boys were bigger.. well in my case i have two boys and one girl and the girl is the largest