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Meow everyone!
I'm very tiny and mommy has pretty much been keeping me in one room at a time since I came to my new home on Monday. I don't like this at all and would like to run around more but mommy is worried that, with 2 adults and 3 kids in the house, someone is going to step on me (yikes!!)
Has anyone here used a collar with a bell? I know that they are recommended for cats who go outside to warn the mice and birds. My daddy thinks it's a bad idea because it will be very annoying for me.
Or could we just try the collar when I am roaming about but still stay confined to one room when I am not being closely supervised.
Does anyone have any ideas? At what age were you kitties given more freedom to roam (within the house?)


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I have a similar problem, I like to follow my parents around the house so on occassion they have stepped on me. Peanut uses a collar w/ a bell and she's perfectly content w/ it. She's not annoyed w/ it, but that does leave one question. Would your parents be annoyed by it? In our house, Meowmy enforces a strict NO SHOES rule so that if you happen to come in contact w/ furry paws you can feel it before you put your weight on them. (Meowmy adds: And of course, we always watch where we walk and always EXPECT there to be a kitty there.) I myself have learned the hard way about keeping away from feet! So I avoid the problem by not following too closely! I'm free to roam the house all day and all night!

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mommy put a collar on me about 3 weeks after she got me, and I hated it for the first couple of months. After all I had lived for six months without one, so why start wearing one then? Part of it was that I love getting underfoot too, and meowmy had already stepped on my tail by accident and boy was I upset! cry.

She was told that because kittens are rambunctious and also can grow pretty fast, she should look for a stretch collar. A stretch collar makes it easy for a kitten who gets caught into something to wiggle out, a lot easier than safety ones (which may not always open immediately, or so is mommy told), but the drawback is that a cat determined enough can paw it off himself. I'd manage to take it off once a week, but meowmy would always put it back. So at first, you might really dislike wearing it.

I would get a collar anyway, though: I got used to mine, I just needed to get used to the noise of it (and of my tags - mommy believes in tags even though I am a strictly indoor cat - you never know when something might happen and I might get out accidentally), but now it doesn't really bother me unless I feel like scratching under there.

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My meowie put a collar on me a couple of months ago. I got used to it pretty quick. I tried to play with it a lot at first. now I barely notice it at all.


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The tags on the collar should make enough noise to let you know the kitty is coming!

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I found a collar at petsmart made especially for kittens and cats with small necks. It came with a bell on it and everything and it has a cute little bow with a rhinestone in the middle.


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Thanks everyone!
I know it may take some getting used to but I think the collar idea is probably the best way to let people know where I am so they don't (gasp) step on me. shock


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I didn't get a collar and freedom until I was 4 months when I was a little bigger and I was more easily seen. My mommy and all the other two-legs just have to watch out a little better then before but you can usually hear my bell and collar. there's just my personal expirience tho ^=^


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Hi Hector. It can be difficult to find a kitty collar small enough for you at your age. Have your mommy go to the ferret section and get you a ferret collar. They come with a bell and will fit perfectly. I'm full grown and I'm still small enough to wear one, but I bet you will be a big boy. Just tell your mommy to check it often to make sure it's loose enough for you. That goes for any collar actually.