mommy's going away

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hi everyone,
i'm brand new to catster, nice to meet you smile
my mommy is going away for work in a couple weeks, from a thur night to a wed morning (eek!)
i will be just about 3 months old then and am wondering what the best way to get through this time will be.
mommy doesn't think she can afford to board me...
so, the other options are to leave me in the house and have someone come and visit 2x a day to play, empty the litter box and make sure i've got food and water.
or, she could try to find someone to take me for that time, but it would likely be with a much older cat or (gulp) a dog! and i'd have to stay with someone who i don't know very well (my favorite aunt is going to be away then too... bad timing bc she'd love to have me!)
thoughts or suggestions? mommy is very worried about me, but really needs the money from taking this job so she can buy me new toys.

p.s. i stay home everyday by myself while mommy goes to work, the longest day has been 10 hrs, and i do just fine. i play under the bed and sleep and have tons of energy when she gets home.

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If you kitten is alone all day it could get lonely if your friend has another friendly playful kitten let her catsit for you - but bring kitten over in advance to make sure they get along okay. If thats not an option then go for a petsitter. I woudl consider in the future however to gt another kitten to keep your guy company if you work long hours, cats can become lonely and withdrawn when they are left alone for long periods and then they can display inappropriate behaviors.


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Mommy's cats used to stay at home alone when they went on long vacations and only got into funny trouble once (tied a whole ball of yarn to the dinning room set). big laugh

Extra litter boxes -2 more- and since your little, you should get a catsitter even if it's a nice neighbor Mom can trust with the key. When you're a lot older then water bowls or shallow sinks of water can be left out for you. Right now your too little to be safe around sinks of water no matter how shallow they are.

Also have Mom leave a radio on a calm talk show and a light on in one room for you. It'll keep you company and maybe deter burglers.