why does she do that? and tips

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My kitten has been eating hard food and drinking water for at least 2 weeks now. she still bites and sucks my fingers, I know that she is trying to get milk... but why is she still doing that? any way i can stop her? or do i just wait untill shes older. Also... i need some tips on litter training ! thanks smile


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some cats do that kind of stuff all their life.
I used to have a cat that would nuzzle in my neck
a friends cat would do the same to a soft Blakey

shows love and kinda like the child that never gets rid of its teddy bear IMO anyway.

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I do that too so don't worry. Mom actually bought me some cat milk and I really like it and I don't do it nearly as much. Anyway you are a real cutie.


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I used to make suckling noises in my sleep! I musta been dreaming of drinking from my bottle! I don't do that anymore, though. I grew out of it! I missed my bottle at first, but I decided it was time to move on to more grown up things!


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thank you all very much! this really helps! but any litter training tips?


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Sometimes the suckling is a sign that the kitten was weaned too early.

For litter training, keep her in a very small space. She will not want to potty where she plays and eats. Place her in her litter box several times, especially if you catch her having an accident. Never punish, just encourage the behavior that you want. If she does have an accident, be sure to clean it well with an enzyme cleaner that will get rid of the smell. She might want to use that spot again if she recognizes the smell.

Kittens train easily, so I have no doubt you'll have a litter-trained kitten in no time! In fact, I've never had a kitten who didn't take to the box immediately.

Oh, and make sure it is a small box that she can easily get into and out of (not covered).


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Yes for training mommy kept me and my brother is a small place that way we knew where it was. Also when we used to wake up from our nap, mommy used to take us and put us in the litter. Then we realized that we had to go pee pee in there. Mommy was very proud of us as we never made even one single mess on the floor. Now that we are a bit older mommy keeps our litter in the same spot and she doesn't move it at all. So we are all litter trained now and we love it. We know you will get the hang of it too!! applause