is my kitten part khao manee?

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Purred: Mon Dec 28, '09 8:12am PST 
my 4-5 month old kitten bolbe has always intrigued me because i couldn't figure out what type of cat she was. i googled around for a while and somehow found out about the awesome khao manee cats. she looks just like them and she has most of the personality traits listed so i was just wondering if my free cat was actually a lucky find?

please help!

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here is a link to the khao manee decide for your self...i think she looks exactly like one and it describes her perfectly! just copy and paste the link into your browser....trust me most people do not know that!

http://www.catster.com/breeds/Khao_Maneelaugh out loud

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Hi. If you are in the USA and did not buy your kitten from one of the very few Khao Manee breeders, or if your kitten was not imported from Thailand, it is highly unlikely to be a Khao Manee. Sorry!


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Short answer, no. They are even uncommon in cat shows. VERY uncommon.