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recipes for ckd cat

This is the place to share your best homemade cat food and treat recipes with each other! Remember to use caution if your pet has allergies and to make any diet changes gradually so that your cat's stomach can adjust to the new foods you are introducing.


Purred: Thu May 23, '13 12:24pm PST 

I am french so my English is approximative...
I am looking for some recipes for ckd cat
Thank you in advance for your help

Chrystal & Kirsten

The Twins
Purred: Wed Jun 5, '13 8:00pm PST 
Here is a very basic recipe for cats with kidney disease. It makes a lot so you can freeze the unused portion, thaw and heat up for later.

1 cup organic brown rice
1 cup white corn grits
1 cup corn grits polenta
1 cup soy lecithin granules
1 cup pork fat

Cook in water for 1 hour, mix well and let cool before serving.

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As cats don't drink water so giving canned food is best for cats with this kidney disease as canned food have moisture that will help to ensure your cat gets a sufficient water in the diet.