Only likes turkey

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hello - Charlie only likes turkey - the kind I have to cook for him, otherwise he won't eat....he has dry food out all the time, but he mostly wants his human Julee to cook and add lots of water so there'll be "gravy"....anyone have suggestions for me? He only eats the minced variety, mix dark and white meat AND only one brand - organic and expensive....

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First of all.If you feed him "cooked" turkey he will need cat food also b/c "cooked" meat dosn't have all the things cats need to their diets for example they need taurine witch "cooked" food don't have it.Wy don't you join my group Making Pet Food so you can find better information.

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You can try mixing a high quality, turkey-based cat food with the cooked turkey, then gradually increase the ratio of cat food until he is on it completely.

Kitty is right that meat alone is often deficient in nutrients a cat needs. It's important to get onto a food that is formulated to meet a cat's nutrient requirements.

Good luck, and keep us posted! kitty

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Did you try buying turkey tenderloins? They are less expensive and you can cook them anyway your kitty likes them. I took make my cat Lunar and split chicken breast (organic) and it can be very expensive. Try the tenderloin, they are about $2 -$3 a package even organic.