Begging for advice re: corner-of-mouth hardened/sticky... kibble?

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Chief Red-Cloud - He-Who-Stand

I like to hug- around the neck!
Purred: Tue Aug 16, '11 8:00am PST 
Hi there,

Sounds not so bad, but because the corners and out of Chief Red Cloud's mouth I have to clean 2x/day, I want to make it as easy on him as possible.

I missed one time (1/2-day) once and it was like a black circle of guck in the morning on each side, and it's very hard to get off. Hence, my prostrating myself on my hands and knees for an easier solution.

What I do is (2x/day) use wet, warm gauze, soak each corner and outward of the mouth and then as lightly as possible.

His skin around his lips (he has lips!) is sooooooo tender and I'm afraid it's hurting him.

I tried adding a little vasoline once to the warm watered gauze, but it just made a worse sticky mess.

If anyone has ANYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ideas or suggestions, please let me know?

He's been through a lot before I was honored enough to find and adopt him. Just want his life perfect as can be for the rest of his life.

Thanks in advance for any help!


~ Chief Red Cloud "He-Who-Stands-His-Ground"
and mommy