Questions about Pregnant Himmie

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Baby Buttons-

Baby Buttons- Feed Me Please!
Purred: Fri Mar 25, '11 6:11am PST 
Hello, I am new on here smile My name is Sue and I have two himmies, a female and male. My female is pregnant and the mating date was the 5th of Feb. She is starting to get pretty big and eating a lot smile I am trying to get any info or help regarding her nesting box and any other help information about the pregnancy and birthing process. This is my first Himmie litter, they are all "sold" as I have a waiting list for her litter. So please no lectures about breeding, I know there are many cats in shelters but wanted to share my love of himmies to others. She has been to the vet two weeks ago and was given a great bill of health. Thank you and look forward to getting to know you all.