Hi! I'm new!

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Bear - The king of the- SpoonZoo
Purred: Fri Jul 18, '08 8:36am PST 
My mom is guessing I'm a blue or tabby point Himalayan... she rescued me about 8 years ago - and I'm so happy she did. I love my family.


Diva Kittykins
Purred: Thu Jul 24, '08 1:20pm PST 
Hi Bear! I am a rescue cat too! My mommy cannot figure out why anyone would want to abandon or mistreat beautiful Himalayans like us?!? I don't know either!


Purred: Mon Jun 29, '09 7:30pm PST 

Your Himi actually looks a lot like mine... which I say was a Seal (Chocolate) and Lynx Point. big grin