Just Bought a Blue Point

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Purred: Thu Mar 15, '07 3:15pm PST 
i just brought home a 10 week old blue point..his name is puffy......just wanted to get some info about other blue-points, hope to talk to some of you


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Purred: Fri Mar 16, '07 8:35am PST 
Congratulations on your new bundle of joy..... Puffy is adorable! We're from Valley Stream too!

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Purred: Fri Mar 16, '07 10:56am PST 
Hi Puffy!! I'm a blue Point also. I have a sister who is a flame point. I'm about 6 months old. My sister is 1 year. We are a lot alike. My hair didn't start off as long as yours but it keeps getting longer and longer. I have really long ear tuffs! I'm faithful about using my litter box. I love to lay on laps and be petted and scratched under my chin. Start off getting brushed early so you'll learn to like it. Tell your mommy to spend lots of extra time with the comb and brush under your chin. You will love that and getting your whole body brushed is worth it for the time you get under the chin. My sister actually runs towards mommy when she gets the comb and brush out. If you don't get brushed regularly, you'll get mats and then have to be shaved like a lamb. We have never been shaved because we enjoy our brushings. Have your mom raise your chin up and comb from the direction of your chest up to your chin and keep going over it again and again. There's nothing better.



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Purred: Mon Apr 23, '07 11:51am PST 
Hello Puffy,
I'm a bluepoint too. When mommy & daddy got me, they named me "Tuffy" MOL.
I loved being petted, and I love talking to mommy and screaming out for her when I want to play. Normally I just walk with her where ever she goes.
but here's the embarassing part red face....I have a slight tummy problem every now and then...of course this mean my poop sticks to my rear end...and Mommy has to wash my butt. She's been told that most long hair kitty has this problem now and then, andthe best solution is to get my back end shaved!!!!
But mommy loves me so much she wouldn't do that to me....but I'm good with water, I don't mind too much if the water is warm, and I'm happier when I'm clean and smelling fresh.
And brushing is great, I like being brush, still recently I've got mats upon mats and we think it is because it is caused by humidity.
Anyway it's great to have a himi in the household.

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Purred: Sun Dec 30, '07 12:50pm PST 
I am a blue point, too. Don't tell Mylo, but mom likes me best! laugh out loudlaugh out loud

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Hey Gysmo, I heard that!