A well frizzed tail

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master of the- kittyflop
Purred: Fri May 27, '05 5:25pm PST 
A while back my owner washed me with this cucumber scented shampoo, and while I DID smell great for a week or so, it left mytail all frizzed out like a bad hair day.
Hes given me 2 baths since then (bleah), with different shampoos -- but to no affect. Combing just pulls out wads of hair, so that doesnt seem to help much.

And seeing as I want to bring home ALL the ribbons at this next cat show, we need some suggestions.


Fiend #2.
Purred: Sun May 29, '05 12:50am PST 
But Cedric! Your picture looks like you already have a majestic tail! Was this before the bath business? Maybe you could tell your person to get in touch with a Maine Coon club or breeder association near you -- they are always happy to chat and give advice...
Ooh--frizzed tail. Ooh. Tell the human to DO something before you have No Tail.


Handsome Boy!
Purred: Sun May 29, '05 10:33am PST 
my mommy uses human teatree oil shampoo instead of that stinky cat shampoo that i hate. that stuff gives mommy a headache averytime she cuddles me because its so strong. the tee tree oil shampoo smells nice and minty and it makes my fur look great.


master of the- kittyflop
Purred: Mon Jun 6, '05 8:45pm PST 
Yes that pic is before the dish soap episode....

teatree oil eh? okay. we'll see what comes of it.