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anyone who shows longhair cats, can you recommend a product to make tails fluffy? im showing my oriental longhair and need to make his tail poofy. i bathe him in a cat shampoo but ive heard using baby powder on the tail works? hes a silver shaded so not sure if that would be okay.

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I'm interested to find out about this too. Any product out there?

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Baby powder works - but I use cornstarch (it's the same stuff really) I also add some Fuller's Earth for more oil reduction. I use a make up brush to push the starch in and then I back comb to fluff the tail up.
If your cat will tolerate being sprayed - Psssst (an aerosol dry shampoo works really good too).
Before you go to your ring take the tip of the tail and "shake" the tail out to get rid of excess starch or powder and back comb to fluff the tail.
Your boy is old enough to have stud tail, so applying the starch a day or two before the bath to absorb oils might be helpful.
I shampoo with Dawn, Prell shampoo (watered based), and sometimes a product called F1r2 for oily coats. I used Woolite before our last show and had a delightfully soft coat. The Woolite made Claude's coat absorb water more easily making working in the shampoos easier. You can try rinsing with white vinegar mixed with water (about 1 part/5 mixture to rinse out the soaps more easily.
Hope this is helpful for you!

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