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I have a 3 year old Himalayan male, Ike, that I have grooming problems with. He is almost nothing but undercoat and mats very easily. I have taken him to a groomer that unfortunately closed down. The next groomer I took him to did something to him, after he got home his eye was messed up and I had to go to the emergency room with him. Took him a while to get back to normal but I told myself I never will put him through that again. Long Story short, I got a set of clippers and have tried cutting him myself. He fights to no end and I'm at a loss at this point. I've tried everything, soothing him, treats, his favorite toy, giving him space in between sessions and nothing works. In the meantime his mats have gone out of control and at this point I would be embarrassed taking him to a groomer the way he looks. I just have no idea what to do anymore. I try scissors to not freak him out but that doesn't matter. He just doesn't want to stay even for a minute. He is a really good cat otherwise and I adore him. I just want him to cooperate so be doesn't have to walk around with these awful mats that I don't think feel really nice for him either. Any type of input would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Sounds like he had a very bad experience there. Were you able to get any answers from them regarding what occurred? If they are negligent maybe they can be reported. I would speak to your vet. Maybe he will need something to relax him in order to be groomed. Maybe start slowly. Show him the brush, then give a treat, so he associates the brush with something good. Keep going a bit more until he feels safe being brushed, etc. Whatever happened frightened him, and honestly stuff like that takes time & patience to overcome. That was why I suggested speaking to your vet. I don't have long haired kitties, but I know it can get uncomfortable for them to be matted. So if he needs to be sedated to have them cut off until he learns that grooming is ok again. I wish you good luck. hug