Poop getting in fur

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Hi everyone. I have a long haired cat, Dean. He has a lot of cat hair everywhere, but especially on his behind. He's about three years old, and I've had him for six months.

This past week I've had three different instances of him coming out of the litter box with poop smeared on his behind hair. This has only happened once before, a few months ago, but now it seems like it's happening every two days.
I haven't changed anything in his diet lately. I've tried adding more or putting less litter in the litter box - still happens.
And he is really, really hard to give a bath to.

I know there is the option of shaving - but since this never happened before, I'm worrying there's an underlying cause at work here.

I'd love to hear from people who have had something like this happen with their cat. Thank you.


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Just a thought, but sometimes long-haired cats, when licking themselves, get enough hair in their stomachs that causes very soft stools. Long-haired cats need to be brushed every day.

When my cats get soft stool on their "pants" I very carefully snip the fur above the stool off with scissors. Not only does it remove the stool but it shortens their pants a little so the fur doesn't get in the way when the cat is using his litterbox. Also, if you can wait until the stool has dried, using a large-toothed comb, comb the dried poop out, although cats don't like this way because it's pulling the fur out and it hurts.


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my longhaired kitten dolly has bouts of this aswell i do bath her when necessary but not very often as shes a pain and i dont want to dry out her skin. i also trim the fur around her bottom (being a hairdresser is quite handy!) this helps alot. i cannot find anything different in her diet that is relevant to when it happens but maybe it is how much water she drinks?


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I brush him every day and also give him a paste that is supposed to help the hair move through his bowels three times a week so I don't think I could be doing much more there...
I guess I'll take him to the vet and see what the say.
Thank you for taking the time to help me.


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how does one get close to their cat's butt to trim and comb and such... fuzz will scratch and hiss and run when we try... we wear work gloves and wrap her in a towel and it is next to impossible... fuzz lets us comb her everywhere but her backside

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Have you made any recent changes in diet? Do you give your cat dairy products? Have you had your cat tested for intestinal parasites? Any unusual stressors recently?
Any small toys/objects missing? A visit to your vet would not be amiss.
Some folks use organic pureed pumpkin (not pie filling).
Best wishes!

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watch out for Giardia is the stool gets too soft.. if it continues, have the vet run a test, and use bottle or filtered water to prevent infection...