Cat Claw Covers/Soft Paws

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Purred: Fri Jan 3, '14 4:27am PST 
So I have seen tons of post about the effectiveness of cat claws, I have also seen posts about the dangers of using them. My big question is if my baby somehow manages to get out we have a big evil dog living next door I want her to be able to defend herself if need be. Will she still be able to get the point across to big scary lab Elvis if he tries to attack her?

She is an indoor kitty so generally she has no need for defense but she likes to dart around when she can and often hangs around the doors. She likes to scratch on everything she can get her claws on especially my box-spring.

So bottom line, if she gets out will she be safe?


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Purred: Sat Jan 4, '14 1:47pm PST 
I think the answer is "no." The purpose of soft paws is to keep a cat from scratching anything at all - the furniture OR the cat-killing dog.

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