Help! Fish oil spill!

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Spot- (Striped- Seven)

Feline Blood- Donor
Purred: Wed Nov 20, '13 2:54pm PST 
Anyone have any ideas on removing fish oil from fur?

I was giving my cats an oil supplement for a while, and Spot didn't like it and fought back, the oil ended up spilling out the sides of his mouth. I tried to wipe his mouth but was fighting me and ran and hid because he was unhappy with being given the supplement. I figured he would just lick the oil off his lips, but I guess after he ran away he drooled the rest of the oil out of his mouth all the way down his neck.
Since he couldn't reach his neck with his tongue he could not wash it off. When I realized he smelled like fish oil, I saw that he had gotten it all over his neck and tried to wash it off but it didn't work. Water/waterless shampoo didn't do anything because it was oil.
It would not come out and it won't go away, it's caused a yellow stain in his white neck fur that is still there and his neck smells like fish! It's not really oily feeling now but I can't get rid of the fish oil smell or yellow stain.

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Purred: Thu Nov 21, '13 6:53am PST 
Some mild dish soap might get it out--they use dish soap to clean crude oil out of fur and feathers after spills. Just make sure you make sure you get all the soap out of his fur when you're done!