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Fleas! :(

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Purred: Fri Nov 1, '13 6:10pm PST 
We were given our lovely kitten on Wednesday by a friends
Neighbor. They were kind of shady and were going to abandon her. They said she was utd on her shots and flea preventative. No paperwork to prove her shots, and she was covered in fleas! Well we gave her a flea bath, zodiac flea drops, and a flea collar. And also treated the house with constant vacuuming and sentry home spray. The number of fleas have dramatically dwindled and Very glad we caught this early.

However, I still notice white flecks in her coat and I'm assuming they are eggs. Should I give her another bath soon? Since zodiac is a rather cheap brand (I would have went with frontline but its likely she'll outgrow it before its all used up and these were a lot of sudden expenses) should I reapply it after her next bath? Will the eggs even come out of her fur if I bathe her?

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

BooBoo Jr.

goofus ball
Purred: Fri Nov 1, '13 6:48pm PST 
The white things are not flea eggs; put a spot on like Advantage every 30 days and don't miss even during winter, and you will have no problem. I suspect the white stuff is just flaking skin. Fleas lay very, very tiny eggs, and they do not stay on the host, they fall off and hatch on the ground, go thru larva/pupa stages, hatch and then the adult jumps onto a host. .


Purred: Fri Nov 1, '13 7:00pm PST 
I did use a spot on, unfortunately not advantage, just a cheapie by Zodiac for now.


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Purred: Mon Nov 4, '13 4:21pm PST 
Luna, the most important thing for now is being sure to apply the spot on evey month, on sched even during the winter. I have heard that the Seresto flea collars actually work much better than the regular ones which aren't very effective. However, you shouldn't have to use both.