Staticky Fur

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Mama's Lil Ding- Dong
Purred: Fri Mar 8, '13 8:08pm PST 
Belle's had a problem with her fur being staticky lately. I picked her up a couple times today and I got shocked! Is there anything besides water that I can use to solve the problem?


aka, Squeeker,- Toeboy or- Perfict Cat
Purred: Sat Mar 9, '13 12:09am PST 
Hi Miss Belle. Meowma said that you can have your people, rub a USED dryer sheet
on you. But to make sure that you are eating a good quality cat food.
You need a lot of Omega 3 fatty acid to keep your fur shiny and not full of static.
Meowma was something called a Groomer, for 12 years.
Now she is a part time,Pet Nutrition Specialist for The Nutro Company!


Mama's Lil Ding- Dong
Purred: Sat Mar 9, '13 10:56am PST 
Hi P.C.wave
Mom will have to check my food. She feeds me Kit N Kaboodle because she has to be careful of what flavors are in my food since I don't like Salmon flavor and that seems to be in most cat food besides the kind of Kit N Kaboodle that mom buys. The closest Petco is 20 minutes away in a car and and PetSmart is a 30 a minute drive and since mom don't drive it's impossible for her to get out to those places regularly for my stuff.


Tigger is my- favorite!
Purred: Mon Mar 25, '13 3:48pm PST 
Wouldn't the softener left in the sheet get ingested if she is grooming though? Not trying to be snarky, just asking. I had this same issue, and it seems to happen if the kits are napping on 1 particular throw rug. If the air is dry from having the heat on, I think that adds to it. I put a towel on that 1 rug, (I think it is the type of fiber that does it) and no more issues. Maybe they have a no-shed spray or the like for cats specifically that may help.