Cat runs away from brush

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I need help. I have a 12 year old male cat that has never liked being groomed. Ive tried a brush, Ive tried a comb, Ive even tried that glove that grooms while you pet the cat. He wants nothing to do with it. For a Siamese he shed quite a bit. My female cant be held, but at least she doesnt leave large clumps on hair on the carpet after rubbing.

Angel Buddha

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Excessive shedding can be the sign of a number of medical problems too. Have your kitty vet checked to make sure a medical problem isn't causing his excessive shedding.


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I have a cat that hates everyone, always has.. animals.. people. She had terrible things inflicted on her by people, so I understand this. You can imagine how trying to teach her to love the brush was.. I currently still have a piece of her tooth in my finger from 3yrs ago. She was 8 weeks when I got her and is now 9. I had to literally put her on my lap tummy down, and semi confine her and brush her to teach her. Lots of growling, hissing etc. if you have someone rub their ears, it helps. It took a while but she screams and comes running for the brush now. Hope this helps. Oh and treats after, always!