Ointment in fur!

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My cat has an ear infection and has to have ointment in his ear 2x/day. His ear, the area around it, on his cheek and neck are all greasy and matted. I really want to clean it but don't know how to do it without getting water/shampoo into his ear! I can put a cotton ball in but I expect it will get wet! Any tips on that? Also, what type of shampoo could I use to cut through the greasy residue of the medication?


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I would get a kitten shampoo - and maybe put a little bit on a wet washcloth & use that to wipe the area to cut through the greasiness. I know easier said than done! but right now I would not take a chance with a full on bath, cause you do not want to get any water in his ear. Otherwise I really wouldn't suggest a human shampoo - unless it was a baby one with no fragrance. I got a kitten shampoo for a few dollars & I use it on my grown kitties 1x year they get a bath.