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Sambo Rambo
Purred: Thu Jan 26, '12 7:08am PST 
I brought Sam to our home about mid October. He was a stray that someone left outside my place of work. The first month he wasn't shedding. I live in Canada and with the weather this year, some days it's cold and some days it's warm outside. I am wondering if this has anything to do with how much my poor boy shedds. I find I have to use my swiffer vac every day now just to keep up with the hairs. Anyone have any suggestions or what could be causing him to shedd so much? The weather perhaps? Maybe what I am feeding him, I feel him Friskies soft food and Iams healthy Naturals and I am starting to give him a little salmon oil each day

Pete- Fountain

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Brushing him every day if possible can help alot. We have had a very "up and down" winter down here in the New Orleans area, and a few of mine are shedding as well. I noticed how much fur I get off of them, and told them I could stuff a pillow with it. And mine LOVE to be brushed and get the individual attention.

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Hi. Our three cats go through periods where they hardly shed at all and periods where they shed heavily (and they eat quality canned food.) I think the fluctuation is normal. Regular grooming helps. We found the zoom groom tool removes more hair than a regular brush, but we have thought about trying the furminator too.

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Pete - Fountain

I just brushed Kally Kat with the Zoom Groom brush. She luvs that brush, & I use a big greyhound type comb for hur long hairs.

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