What to do if your cat stinks a couple of days after a bath?

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Hi, I've been a cat owner for less than a month now to a month old kitten. I gave it a bath three days ago, and now it stinks to the point where I can't bear to have it near me! I think it's been rolling around in the litter box while playing. I am tempted to give it another bath, but it's not healthy...and now I am confused..how often should we bathe cats and what do I do now to remedy this situation?


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Re-wash & dry your baby. Use lots of warm water.

What pet shampoo are you using??


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Was your kitten orphaned? at 4 weeks (1 month) it should still be with mom and siblings. Mom would keep him clean. Perhaps that was a typo? Anyway, clean the litter box more often and get dry shampoo and/or baby wipes work too.


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Oh no, Kitty has the stinkies! Mia was a bit smelly too. After her first bath, about 3 days later she was all stinkified. When they are that small they dont really clean themselves like a larger cat does. You may need to umm, wipe the uhh area that smelly stuff comes from.
It did help Mia, after a week she was cleaning herself like a pro. I was using just plain warm water on a paper towel, but they do have wipes for cats, of course use one that does not have any alcohol maybe even unscented. Resist the urge to fabreeze the kitten! (just kidding) No really dont spray your kitty with anything.
Hope it helps!

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That doesn't sound normal to me. What is the kitten eating? Does it have diarrhea?


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We agree, if the kitten is really ony a month old it qould normally still have its mother washing it. I'd get some of thoise bathing wipes and use them daily. Infant kitties do tend to p and poo on themselves when they haven't totally mastered the litter box stance and most especially when learning to cover it up they may be digging to China with the front end while the back feet are standing on the poopie or p. If that's the problem you should be able to stop using the sipes in a few weeks.
You mention the kitten isn't healthy. In what way? If it has diarrhea, a gut infection, etc it will be VERY stinky. We need more information here.

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I would have to agree with Cookie and the Kitty who asked what you are feeding. Meowma was a Professional Pet Groomer for 12 years and now she is a Pet Nutrition Specialist for The Nutro Company.
Kittens can play with and in all sorts of things. Stinky or not. I liked to hide behind my litter box when I was a kitten. Meowma had to wash me often as I came to her covered in fleas and I had a skin problem. Make sure you are using a shampoo that is approved for cats as most dog shampoos are not appropriate for cats and some of them may kill you or make you very sick.frown
AS for food, please make sure you are feeding an all Natural Food, with no fillers, such as whole ground corn,grits,chicken by products,food coloring or artificial flavors and sugar. All of us have been eating Nutro Max Cat for years, as Meowma has been feeding Nutro for 23 years now. All of the cats on Catster eat different foods and sometimes others do not like what another cat is eating and I appreciate that. If you are feeding a different food, please make sure it is a premium food as you will end up spending a lot less in the long run. If you are feeding a premium food and the bathing does not help, please ask your vet as it could be almost anything.
Best of luck and please keep us all posted as to what works and how things turn out. Peace
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