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Miss Fote O.- Jenik
Purred: Fri Feb 4, '11 4:29pm PST 
Okay, I think this is where I should put this. I am writing a paper on why NOT to declaw, and I'd like it if you guys could share some personal experiences on both sides of the argument with me.


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I know this is an old thread, but... i wanted to say this:

Imagine you're a human child, and you play with another child and by accident you scratch that child. Your parents get horribly upset and take you to a doctor who pulls out your fingernails. Permanently. FOR EVER. how would you feel?


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I agree with Lulu. It is a most barbaric practice, we don't do it in England thank god. How is a declawed cat to defend itself with no weapons?? I would hate to think one of mine got killed just because I wanted to save my furniture. Yes, my settee's are 2 years old and ragged as hell, but I have happy cats who can fight for themselves.

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You might find some info you can use in another thread on declawing in "Cat Health".kitty


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I too am against declawing. It's a really extreme thing to do to a cat. Not to mention it's not necessary and illegal in many countries. I don't think you'll find many people here on the forums supporting it.

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Declawing is actually illegal in most countries. I also show my cats, and in most associations, you cannot show a declawed cat. A declawed cat would be disqualified. Some associations allow declawed cats to show in the Household Pet class, but CFA will not allow any declawed cats to be shown.

I think most people don't research declawing. They don't realize what it all involves, how painful it is, and that it can sometimes lead to behavioral problems too. Too many vets also don't try to educate the owner, and ask if they want the cat declawed when they schedule the spay/neuter. Other people are too lazy to work with the cat on using a scratcher, and value their furniture more than the cat.


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We are so GLAD mommy and daddy would never declaw us. We had a bit of a scratching problem when we were little so mommy and daddy went to the pet store and get us a scratching disc.


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When I was a kid -- so this was the late 70s -- my aunt and Uncle had a cat that they had declawed. Without her claws, she literally went crazy. Just uncontrollable. To the point where they euthanized her.

Let's just say I found out at a very early age why you DON'T DEcLAW!!!!!!!!!!!


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We took our cat Sam in a few months ago, he was left outside my work for about a month and we took him home. All was well until I noticed he took at the back of my boyfriends leather couch. He then suggested getting him declawed..I finally just said to him..imagine you wake up and you don't have your front knuckles anymore....he then let it rest. I am dead set against getting cats declawed...it's painful, and not humane and it's part of their instinct. I would've tried to find a new owner before I would get that done to my little boy. My boyfriend now has become quite attached to Sam. We've started buying the softs claws and he hasn't scratched any of our furniture since. I've also put tons of scratching posts around the house and when I see him use it..I praise him and give him treats.