Cleaning new little kittens

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Purring Machine
Purred: Wed Dec 1, '10 7:42pm PST 
Within the last couple weeks we adopted two adorable little kittens (now 12wks old) from our local humane society after our dear kitty of 17yrs passed away. They are cute and active and unfortunately have a smell to them. I'm not sure if it was from just being at the shelter or if they try to hang out in their litter box when I dont pay attention, but they're a bit stinky.

However, the one is now just over two weeks out from being spayed and the other a week out from being spayed, so bathing them yet is not an option because of their stitches. Can I use some baby wipes to clean them until they're able to get a real bath (not looking forward to that!) or do I have to get the specific pet wipes for them? The ingredients are pretty similar but I can't imagine they taste good to the kittens but after they're dry maybe it's ok. What is anybody's experience with this?

Benny Grunch

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Purred: Thu Dec 2, '10 12:06pm PST 
I have used the Cat Wipes in the past with good results. Same as you, new kittens who sometimes were "stinky". With such young kittens I think the Cat Bathing Wipes would be safer.

Good luck with your new furry family members

The New Orleans Kitties


Japanese Bobtail
Purred: Sat Dec 4, '10 8:19am PST 
Rather than spending money on baby wipes I would like use papertowels folded and wet with warm water. Saturate it, ring it out and wipe away !


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Purred: Sat Dec 4, '10 8:26pm PST 
You can use baby wipes, but they have to be the unscented ones. With kittens that young, I would use pet wipes, to be on the safe side, just make sure and read the label, that they are safe for kittens. big grin


Purring Machine
Purred: Mon Dec 6, '10 12:08pm PST 
I checked with my vet and they said for now I could use baby wipes until they could be bathed. I just wiped them down and dried their fur with a towel and thankfully they had no desire to try to lick anything off them. I just happened to have them lying around from a camping trip so they were convenient.