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Static Hair?

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Mischief/Tro- uble

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Purred: Sat Nov 20, '10 10:54pm PST 
Mischief(our medium-long hair female) is very affectionate and loves to be pet but I find petting her super annoying because her hair is very static and clings to my hands. To clairfy her hair isn't pulling out but I can watch the hairs pull toward my hand when I pet her.

Is there anything I can do to help this? I know conditioners aren't great because when the cat licks themselves.



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Purred: Mon Nov 22, '10 10:41am PST 
I've heard of cat show exhibitors who rub their cats lightly with a used dryer sheet to get rid of static cling. Some people say the chemicals aren't good for cats, but I've never heard of cats dying from this, nor of cats dying from chewing towels or clothing that have been washed with fabric softener. Pet stores may sell static removing sprays for cats. I know that you can get them at cat shows, where vendors sell specialized items for exhibitors and breeders. You could also Google "cat fur static remover" and see what you find. Another possibility in the dry winter weather is using a humidifier. Good luck!

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Purred: Mon Nov 22, '10 10:35pm PST 
Jerob Anti-Stat Conditioning/ Detangling Spray is a product many cat show exhibitors use.

I've also been told cats can be rubbed down with unscented dryer sheets.


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Purred: Thu Nov 25, '10 11:46am PST 
Yes, I forgot to add unscented. Cats don't like stuff that smells like perfume. I've never used the Jerob spray myself, but I like Jerob products, except that the shampoos, at least, tend to be perfumed, and you have to rinse extra hard to get the odor out.