Towel Bath Solutions / Recipes

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Purred: Wed Sep 8, '10 8:43am PST 
I tolerate baths fine, but my brothers... not so much. Mom will use a wet rag on them with a touch of very mild shampoo, and then wet rag it off. It works OK, but wondering if anyone out there has some good 'recipes' for a towel bath solution she can use - or even a commercial product you recommend. Thanks in advance!

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Purred: Thu Sep 9, '10 9:13pm PST 
Hi! I use Earthbath Grooming Foam for Cats. They have a green tea essence and an unscented. All you have to do is brush and furminate the cat, massage the foam into the fur, then towel off. They come out clean and shiny. I don't usually like scented products, but I love the green tea and my cats don't seem to mind it either. I bought mine from entirelypets.com.

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Purred: Fri Sep 10, '10 3:16pm PST 
Hello Chance & Phoebe-♥, wave

I used Earthbath Unscented Pet Wipes.

They work really well on Kally Kat. I didn't know that entirelypets.com sells them. I'll have to look them up.

I buy other products from them, they are very good to do
business with. way to go

I juss bet yoo bouf look so gud afta. smile

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Purred: Fri Sep 24, '10 4:49pm PST 
I have used the Earthbath wipes and like them a lot. Isabelle, on the other hand, isn't thrilled with any type of wipes but she strongly prefers them to a bath or foam! laugh out loud They work good for wiping dirty feet, bottoms, faces, or just a quick once-over to freshen up. way to go