I have bad felted mats and won't let Mom touch me!

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Sterling--I think you look cute that way, even though it won't be permenant. But, BAD! Meowma thinks your little picture looks like you are in a tube sock, until she clicks to your big picture!

Sterling Mithril

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BooBoo..You are too funny! MOL!! Mom said I look like I belong in a Dr. Seuss book, like "Sterling Hears a Who". Wait till you see more pics of me standing up and swishing my pompom tail around! I look like some strange, mythical creature!
Ok Bumpurr...mom is going to do this grooming thing...even though she is nervous about it. Thank you for your detailed instructions. Mom is getting the brush in a day or two and needs to find some treats that I will like. Then DA-DA-DUM! It will BEGIN! If mom has any questions or runs into problems, she will paw mail you if that is ok. Thanks for all your help! This is going to be interesting! WE CAN DO IT...MOM & STERLING...YES WE CAN!cheer


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Yes, you CAN do this, mol, don't be nervous, he will pick up on that, mol, feel in your mind, you can do this.

way to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to go

As lessons advance, you may, on occassion, have a few set backs. Don't get upset, never yell at him, if he gets away, just calmly go get him, put him back on the table, give him a treat. I had a heck of a time, teaching Cruiser to blow dry, he was horrible in the beginning, had to wrap him in a towel, like a cocoon, he would struggle struggle struggle. Didn't think he would ever graduate Blow Drying School, then one day, the light bulb went on, mol, now he just sits there. Bump and Cowboy picked it up pretty quickly, I even taught the kittens to stand on their hind legs, and put thier paws against the cubbards above the sink, so I can wash and rinse their tummy's. I have to put Bump's front end in the other sink, to wash his back end, mol, like trying to wash a horse in the sink. He knows the drill, he just does it. big grin

Feel free to paw mail me anytime, remember its just alot alot of patience. big grin


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I have had 2 Himalayan cats in the last 20 yrs. The first one was a Torti point and loved to be brushed. She hardly ever got matted until her last yr of life and vet said it was because she no longer could groom herself. She lived to be 17 yrs old.

This Himi I have now is 4 yrs old now, I've had him 3 yrs. He is a Flame point Himi who looks like a white Persian (his pic is on left). He is a cat who mats very easily. When I got him at a yr old, he was shaved, so it took me a while to figure out how to deal with his fur. I figured out that he gets two different coats per year. His new coat in the fall is smoother and doesn't mat as easily. He is also supposed to be bathed monthly, but never wants me to do it, ugh. You can get cat bathing cloths and that helps a little. He does LOVE to be brushed and combed though, so that helps. But come summer and that winter coat wants to come off in nothing but felted mats. This year something very strange is going on. He got HUGE mats and as I take them off (when he lets me), the fur starts stripping off like a fur collar on a coat. He then sits and licks and licks until he licks his skin raw. A day or two later, it is healed. I realize that these mats are pulling on his skin and that is probably why he is licking that area so much. I feel as though this is his way of trying to heal himself. I did manage to trim his fur all along his back by using kid safety scissors with the round tips so I don't stick him. He still doesn't like it, lol. But sometimes he will sleep on my lap and let me do it. That fur is now growing out and is not matting at all. So, come next spring, he is going to the vet to be shaved. I'm not dealing with all these mats again and making him have to suffer anymore, poor guy. He is such a good cat...heck, he's the best behaved cat ever! He actually has manners, lol. But he is the most high maintenance cat I ever owned. He also has the flat face/nose and I constantly have to clean his nose/eyes. He has been getting pretty good at cleaning it some himself though lately. Cats sometimes also have to learn how to groom themselves.

I haven't asked out vet yet how much it costs to be shaved, but it has to be done next yr, no doubt about it.

Please note: Mommy is talking for me today since I'm tired! =^..^=


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Its called "blowing their coat", and some won't take kitty to shows during that time. big grin

Persians and Himmys are very high maintenance, about as bad as MC's and RD's, mol. big grin

Since show kitties cannot have matts, they cannot have holes in their fur, where matts are cut out, and they absolutly cannot be shaved, mol, contact my Persian/Himmy show friend. She is the foster mommy of Coal.
Tell her you are from Catster, and Bumpurr's mommy told you to ask her, how you can avoid all those matts.

She knows Coal is on Catster, he was rescued, bottle fed, his brother Ember didn't make it, and I am helping he find a furever home. Best of luck. big grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin



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Mom's still giggling over the mental picture of the kittens "assuming the position" as her law enforcement friends say. Have you ever been able to get pictures? That would be priceless. Or a video for American's Funniest Home Videos - kids or kittens almost always win.
laugh out loudlaugh out loud

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