Oops -- I goofed

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So Keiko sheds like beast and I'm allergic to her, so I took the clippers to her, never mind the fact that I got bit four hundred times. I give Phawx his haircuts in the summer so I figured Keiko couldn't be much harder to do. Lying to yourself isn't the best motivation....I want to take her to a groomer but I'm concerned about tranquilising and her getting away and running off.

words of wisdom?

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She is an indoor/outdoor cat with short hair. She doesn't need to be clipped.


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She will shed just as many hairs anyway, they will just be much shorter. You would have been better off just washing her (or paying to have it done!)

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Oops in deed, lesson learned there. As I am a former groomer of 12 years,I recommend you get a cat muzzle. They really do work. Here are the ones I am talking about;
Y ou would have to call around to see who sells them, or you can order on line. Just Google Cat Muzzles. That is how I found that link. Also, groomers do not tranquilize animals, unless they work at a Vet's office. It is against the law. And YOU would HAVE to sign a release form before hand.But you can ask your vet for a pill that will calm her down,so you can finish what you started. As stated above, shaving a cat will only have them shed smaller hairs. It will not stop the shedding.I recommend you get a Zoom Groom and a food with a high amount of Omega 3 Fatty Acid, otherwise known as Linoleic Acid, over the standard 1.5 as is found in many grocery store brand foods. Besides, us Female kitties are a bit more temperamental then our boy kitties and we do NOT like being touched for the most part...
That is why I am known as MISS PUFF!!! mol see my tail? it was shaved at the vets office after a nasty Jack Russell bit it up..MeowMa said I should not be mad at the dog, as it is her nature to chance things. But I am NOT a thing!!!!! I still do not trust that dog when Mewoma has to watcht her......


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The Zoom Groom is cheap and works wonders in getting out that pesky dead undercoat. Cats usually like its massage effect. I have one short haired mogggy and a bunch of Maine Coons. Spike, the mogggy, sheds more than any of the other cats. Every time I use a Zoom Groom on him, I get almost enough dead fur to stuff a pillow. And if you and your cat have a cooperative relationship, the occasional bath does wonders. Wash with dish detergent if you don't want to use a pet shop shampoo (I use Jerob and F1R2). And rinse for at least five minutes. Have fun!
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When Mom was getting our stuff, she saw something called a "grooming bag" with zippers in all the strategic places (paws, tail, etc.). It has mesh so it would drain. She hasn't bought one but she may. Maybe some of the professional groomers could comment on this item.

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Yes I have used a "grooming bag". They do work very well. But she was having problems shaving and Keiko(I love the name!) biting. That is why I suggested the cat muzzle. But those bags are great. But I learned how to was a lot of cats fast when I worked as a bather for the vet. I had to wash 35 cats after Christmas one time.. mol

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What about using a furminator.

OMC, is she like hairless now? MOL MOL MOL!

Karma Kitty's mom accidently cut some of her whiskers a while ago while she was trimming her mane.


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You should comb her weekly and cut her nails every other week. She will eventually get use to it and hopefully wont bite you. smile