shedding :(

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Nugget-Loves her- cat toys
Purred: Sun Jun 20, '10 8:07pm PST 
i shed so much all over everything. mommy could brush me a hundred times a day and i would still shed! what should she do to keep me from getting fur all over the furniture??


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Purred: Tue Jun 22, '10 12:11pm PST 
Invest in some lint rollers. big grin I have one at home, one in my car, one at work. And, of course, if we have company, I thoroughly de-hair the couch and chairs so they can sit without taking a little bit of Isabelle home with them. big laugh

Sometimes you just can't avoid the hair, and better to just deal with it!


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Purred: Mon Jul 12, '10 1:58pm PST 
Maizy gets brushed every day, and she had still shed alot. Enter The Furminator....(insert music here mol) It took so much dead hair out of her coat, and she is shedding much less now. Even Tigger who did not like the brush will let us use it. Maizy loves it though - she will yell at you if you don't follow her into the bathroom for her brushie time. It is magic! not cheap but worth it to me. I hear good things about the zoom groom too. I also use the fur exterminator plastic thingie on the couches. way to go

Finnegan (Finney)

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Purred: Mon Jul 12, '10 5:11pm PST 
FURMINATOR BABY! Get yourself a furminator. Finnegan loves it and good god, he needs it! Just don't overdo it because you'll give them bald patches. But after I furminate him, wow, his fur is silky, shiny and soft as the dickens! And not as many tumblweeds blowing. And yes, a good link roller.

♥- Tasha- ♥

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Purred: Wed Jul 14, '10 9:26am PST 
We like the Zoom Groom better than the Furminator~ I used to have to hold both cats down to use the Furminator laugh out loud They really enjoy the Zoom Groom though way to go Also, price wise~ Zoom Groom is much cheaper wink

Tee Cee

Purred: Fri Jul 16, '10 6:15pm PST 
I use the pet zoom too and it has worked wonders for me. And Tee Cee likes it as it is the only brush that I've brought for her that she will actually sit still or lay on my lap while I brush her. wink