Is it possible could cat dander causes an elderly to have shingles?

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I am new at this forum, and I don't know where to create a thread here. I tried to find out more information about cat dander. I know shingles is a form of chicken pox. But could cat dander trigger an elderly to get shingles?

This long haired cat is strictly indoor only.

I plan to ask a professional eventually.

Thanks for your time.


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I am not quite sure what you are asking, mol, but since you mentioned shampoo and dander, just wanted to make you aware of a dangerous situation, that you might not be aware of. big grin

Never, never, never use human dandruff shampoo on a cat, it will kill them.


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No, you can't blame a kitty for shingles

This is from WEB MD:

Shingles is a reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus, a type of herpes virus that causes chickenpox. After you have had chickenpox, the virus lies inactive in your nerve roots and remains inactive until, in some people, it flares up again. When the virus becomes active again, you get shingles instead of chickenpox.


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Unless your kitty causes stress I can't imagine a link between the two. I think if someone is rundown or stressed the chickenpox virus may rare it's ugly head, which is referred to as Shingles. The human had shingles when she was 20, she hasn’t a clue what triggered it as she didn’t think she was either rundown or stressed, but she did get it and hasn’t had it since. She also wasn’t living with a cat then, she lived on a Military base with no cats in sight. Since then, she has had cats for the last 20 years and no shingles during that time.shrug
They say it affects older people but younger ones can have it too.

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I have had shingles twice, the first time in 1980 when it infected my right ear, and went down the ear canal and then into my mouth and on the right side of my face and some difficulty with certain words because of the extensive nerve damage to my tongue. Result is 100% hearing loss and total loss of feeling in the right side of my face. Did have a cat a the time, but the doctors never suggested my cat was responsible. Second time about 8 months ago, across my lower back. Still have cats, but feel that second episode was due to stress, not cats.

As painful as shingles are, I would not be able to give up my furry family even if their dander DID cause shingles.....

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This is Delyte and his person. There is no definite reason why a person gets shingles at a certain time, or it would be better understood than it is. The vaccine against shingles can prevent it happening, but if the shingles outbreak has started then the vaccine will not work.

It's very unlikely that a reaction to cat dander would cause a shingles outbreak, as shingles is not an allergy or connected with the histamine system. It sounds like someone wants you to get rid of your cat and is pinning something on the cat dander to make an excuse. If the person with the allergies has shingles, it's just an unconnected event. Good luck with this!


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Thanks for the replies. I do not believe that cat dander had triggered shingles. Yeah, we were asked politely to give our cat to a family member or a friend for temporary, but the good news is we plan to move out very soon, and we will definitely take our cat with us.

I know shingles is very difficult to deal with, but I don't like it when one tries to justify that cat dander causes shingles when it is not true. I did look up information, and there is no evidence that indicates cat dander causes elderly to get shingles.

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Hi Milky,

I am recovering from my second bout with Shingles. The other posters have given excellent information and I hope your Shingles go away soon. My doctor did not indicate my cats or dog had anything to do with my Shingles. I also asked if I could give it to them but he said no big grin

Hope you are feeling better soon!

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Pop is a people RN so he says the information posted by Maggie is correct. You cannot "Catch" shingles. You can "Catch" chicken pox if you have never had it as Pop did at some 29yo. Stress is the main cause, but, then again it just flares sometimes. It is a bothersome thing when it does flare and can be very serious. There is a vaccination which Pop suggests for all his pals. (Gee he is getting up there isn't he?)kitty