Cat shampoo for humans?

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I've heard of humans using horse shampoo, but not using cat shampoo. When Currier became a Champion (not very good grooming or photos, too thin), I used Jerob's mahogany gold shampoo to enhance her orange areas. She made Champion (easy: no rivals), and is no longer a show cat. So I have this expensive shampoo that cannot be used on my other cats, except those who do not have white on them. As my hair is an auburn shade of brown, I decided to try it. Jerob makes good shampoos, EXCEPT that cats don't like the odor. Humans don't mind. Nice fragrance. Color enhancing. And, unlike most Japanese shampoos, probably better at cutting out the grease in your hair. Unlike most Japanese people, I have hair that is very fine, and needs grease removal in order to get volume. I've been using The Body Shop products up until now, but they're expensive too, and hey, I had this cat shampoo left over, and we do have the occasional grey hair that could use a mahogany gold covering...Anyway, the shampoo doesn't seem to be working. When I give advice on grooming, I always say--and believe me, I know about grooming cats--that, when in doubt, use dish detergent. Now I am starting to think that I should try dish detergent on my head. You may think me strange. Yes, I can afford shampoo, but it's very hard to find shampoo for ME that can cut the grease from very fine hair. Japanese people tend to have very thick hair, and want to control the volume, so shampoos are usually very oily. The cat shampoo in question is simply a cleansing and color enhancing shampoo. Not meant to control fleas or skin problems. But I think I am having an allergic reaction to it. Or am I myself having fleas? No, that's not possible, because my cats don't have fleas. Thirty years ago, I had a cat with fleas, and the problem was solved. I know what fleas look like. The question is: if a supposedly benign feline shampoo makes you itch, is it good for cats? Rational minds say no. No wonder Harvey spent one and half years mindlessly grooming himself after intense shampoo sessions. Jerob's products produce good results, but I don't like the fact that they have a fragrance, and I'm suspicious about the fact that they make ME itch. Yes, I have many other brands of cat shampoos. I just wanted to use up this bottle of mahogany gold. Itchy itchy. Not fleas. Not lice. I think Harvey was trying to tell me all those months that he didn't like Jerob's. Sorry.

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I use the Mahogany gold for my shaded golden Persians and don't have a problem with it. I don't think I would try it for my hair though.


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I have no problems using cat products on my head, so far didn't have any problems with it.

My hair is very fine and oily - I just wash it every day and it solves all problems. Honestly, I'm not sure shampoos make lots of difference on my hair but conditioners do. Lately I use Pantene or Fantasia shampoos on my hair and then conditioner (prefer "hair mask" types), and I'm sure that even if I don't wash hair daily it will still look good at least next day.

Long ago once I tried to use dish detergent on my hair. It was after nose job and they didn't let me wash hair for quite a few days after surgery, and my hair got really greasy. I would never ever use it again. I have long hair and I probably spent hours trying to comb it and pulled quite a bit of hair.

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The biggest difference in pet shampoos and people shampoos is the PH balance. That could be what is causing the itchy skin. My hair is exactly the same and I use a deep cleanser. I know you are in Japan and all , so I do not know if you can get TRESemme there or not, that is what I use on my self. mol But just look for a "Deep Cleanser" and that should work, better for you.
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I've gone back to using The Body Shop's whatever it's called shampoo for oily hair. It smells like Chinese herbal medicine, but it does the job. I'm saving the Mahogany Gold Shampoo for Harvard, who was a hit at the last cat show, and can probably make Grand Premier. He's a red tabby with only a bit of white around his muzzle (that's permitted), and since I never shampoo the face very much, Mahogany Gold will (in theory) enhance his GORGEOUS Irish Setter red color. He's a bit small for a Maine Coon, but has the basics: good muzzle/profile, heavy bone structure, long torso...and absolutely beautiful classic tabby markings. Most important: he's so intelligent that he sometimes gets on my nerves (I turn on the printer, he turns it off), but he seems to ENJOY cat shows, unlike surly Harvey. So he gets Jerob, I get The Body Shop. No more itching.


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Not for me but for my cat I love love love a very light misting of the Jerob Bay Rum. Dang, that stuff smells so good you could wear it as perfume. Just a dusting of that stuff is best, any more and its to over powering.
For cat shampoos we use F1R2 products.


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I've been using F1R2 products myself (er, on my cats) recently. They are unscented, which I'm sure the cats prefer, and do their job well. Every breed, and every cat in that breed (at least in the case of Maine Coons) has different grooming needs. I couldn't use the Bay Rum on Harvey because, while he's a big boy, he's skinny (a skinny Maine Coon???), so my goal was to do whatever I could to make his fur as fluffy as possible in order to make him look fatter. But yes, Bay Rum smells good. I believe that some men did (or still do) use it as an after-shave lotion.

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I've tried the Jerob Mahogany stuff on my brown tabby cats that have white. I just covered their white areas with whitening shampoo first, no problem. I didn't really like the results from the Jerob shampoo though. I mostly use Les Poochs and Chris Christenson now.
I haven't tried those on my own hair but I did try one dog shampoo before, I forget which one. It stripped the oils out of my hair completely and practically turned it into a mat! Never tried those again...

ETA: The smell of Bay Rum gives me a headache (so do many perfumes). I tried it on my Maine Coon once and it made her look greasy even though I used only a tiny bit.

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