Matts Matts and more Matts!

Good grooming practices are essential for maintaining health and happiness for you and your cat. This is a forum to exchange tips and advice for proper care of your cat's hygiene needs.

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RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Sun May 23, '10 6:28am PST 
Hey Julian!! wavewavewave Wondered what happened to you and Santana too, mol. laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

I don't think anyone of us, is better than the other, mol, we each know/learned different things, and we share, with each other, and/or who ever it may help. I also had an incredible MC lady as a mentor when I first came on the circuit. She taught me not only how to win, but how to be a gracious winner, and she taught me sportsmanship. Whatever you place, or even if you didn't make the final, you hold your head up, you smile, you thank the judge, ask questions, polietly, if you don't understand, and you congratulate the winner. I know you already know this stuff, mol, but it may help a future exhibitor.

Well, Bumpurr decided to eat some pizza and alum foil, that he found in the trash, that someone knocked over. Touch and go for a few days, but he is all better now, huge huge support from the great kitties on here.

And I quit smoking, on day 17, so hadn't been feeling too well, still don't, withdrawl symptoms are doing me in, mol, altho it is a little better than last week.

Cowboy finished in 10th place, in his Region, out of 130 HHP's in his region, and Cruiser finished 16th place. They just put up the placings and pictures. Will have to put up Cowboys show picture. The banquet is not until June, so won't get their little certificates and ribbons until then, mol. big grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin


CFA Regional- Winner 2009-2010
Purred: Mon May 24, '10 7:56am PST 
Bumpurr, furrriendsmile, congratulations on wonderful ending of show season!!!!

I quit smoking 3+ years ago on Wellbutrin (love it!), didn't smoke for over 2 years, then I had huge stress and started again. My boyfriend doesn't know I smoke (and I don't want to worry him), I don't smoke on week-ends and when I'm at work (my coworkers also don't know) but I do smoke after work and sometimes in the morning with a cup of coffeecry

I plan to quit totally this week though, I feel I am ready for that, so we'll be real "bruders"smile


RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Mon May 24, '10 2:05pm PST 
Julian, we can get thru this together, mol. and no more cheating, mol, mol, mol. shockshockshock

My mother said that would be the big test, when a really stressfull situation comes up. So, now after you quit this weekend, you need to have a plan in place, for what to do, when one comes up.
And what keeps me going, is the reason I quit in the first place. way to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to go

I quit, because I got sick of Bumpurr and the kittens, breathing second hand smoke, I did it for them. I tested myself yesterday, and had 1 cig, I wanted to know, if I still had the urge, and if I was past that, or it was still a concern I need to watch out for. It made me ill. So that is a huge plus. I guess I still need a plan in place, just in case, there is huge stress, gotta work on that one.

Eating snackys comes to mind, mol, thats what helped my mother, and I am not worried about getting hooked on them, because I gave them up a long time ago, and don' t realy miss them.

Julian, I want you to know, weather you end up fulling quitting again, or you stay a part time
smoker, we will always be "bruders". way to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to go

Us red kitties gotta stick together!! big laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laugh

Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Mon May 24, '10 8:56pm PST 
Um .... guys .... I haven't seen the word "Matts" for awhile here. shh

Remember, we all must stay on the subject. wink


Luvin life out- of the shelter
Purred: Sun Jun 6, '10 12:21am PST 
Well I was able to get the major matts out and I just bought a zoom broom and he seems to be handling that the best, so I am going to keep with that and then get him used to the metal brush I bought. Its still really tough because he needs to sniff and bite anything I try to brush him with but the zoom broom is soft enough that he likes the feeling he gives him.

Thanks for all of the advise!


Purred: Tue Jun 8, '10 10:50pm PST 
Arghhhhhh!!!! so that was my problem. I have now got really really bad matts now. Ever since the human gave me a bath. I was blaming the bath and now I see I was right. I'll just go and pop the human on the headnaughty naughty human for thinking the bath would help the matts. She's been chasing me for days trying to work on those matts. Thanks for the tipcheer


aka, Squeeker,- Toeboy or- Perfict Cat
Purred: Wed Jun 9, '10 1:33am PST 
Sonny, Zoom Groom's are nice and do feel great! Though you do need to cut through the matts before hand. At least some of them . That is why I suggested using one of those plastic letter openers. With the letter opener, you can cut right through and it will not cut kitties skin.Then get a greyhound comb to comb them out. Or I guess you could use the Zoom Groom to remove them, never tried that one before. As for bathing before removing any matted hair, is like wetting dreadlocks, it will only tighten them and make them harder to remove.
Good luck.


Has been COTD!
Purred: Thu Jun 10, '10 12:10am PST 
To the person who asked what a Greyhound comb is: they are metal combs made in Belgium. Groomers and cat show exhibitors swear by them. They come in all sizes and with varying widths between the teeth. For my Maine Coons, I use a wide-toothed one for the tail, and a semi-wide toothed one for the rest of the coat. Some people use fine-toothed combs (like flea combs) for facial areas. If you're not a groomer and aren't showing your cat, a metal comb you buy at your local pet store should do. Greyhound combs are usually sold at cat shows and, I suppose, over the Internet. They're a bit pricey, but a long-haired cat really needs a metal comb.

I like the idea of the letter opener for "opening up" mats. I learned the hard way NOT to use scissors--I cut Elise in three places and she needed stitches. Cutting off the very, very top of a mat will sometimes allow you to tease it apart with your fingers, after which you can, if you're lucky, follow up with the comb. The idea is to "divide and conquer."

Oddly, I've found that it's easier to disentangle mats when my cats are being shampooed. Hmm...Also, even though my Maine Coons are all related in some way (no interbreeding--just relatives), they don't all have the same fur quality. Harvey, Leila, and Chibi share the same parents, and have silky fur that never mats. Currier has clumpy fur that never mats but never looks very good, either (I love her anyway). Elise, Harvard, Lowell, and Radcliffe have the same father as Currier, but only the brown and white tabbies (Elise, Lowell, and Radcliffe) get mats, as does their father, Umesaburo. Perhaps it's because they seem to have greasier fur than the other cats. I've been spoiled with my first three MCs, and was unprepared for cats whose fur mats. Right now I'm trying to get some enormous mats off of Radcliffe. I'm going to try that paper cutter idea. Thanks!

Meow in- Loving- Memory

where is my Mom?
Purred: Thu Jun 10, '10 3:56pm PST 
Thank you Harvey, that is one of the best ways I have seen to describe a "Greyhound" comb! applause But since I was a groomer, it may just be because I already know what you are talking about.
Please let me know how the letter opener work for you, that way I can add it to what I already tell people about using one. I would LOVE to have a Main Coon cat! Though it would have to be a boy and look like my cat here, who is over the bridge.
Good luck Harvey's Mom


Has been COTD!
Purred: Thu Jun 10, '10 5:10pm PST 
Har har, I'll send you one if you'll pay the airfare...

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