Big Boy Grooming Hair Knots

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Purred: Sun May 16, '10 5:48am PST 
Update:: I did cut out the little knots. And there is a tiny little spot in Buds coat. So The Question is still out there for my Big Boy.. He appears to have very strong Russian Blue bloodlines. His coat is very thick and his guard hairs are also very dense. It took a long time to get him to stand any sort of grooming but we are now doing pretty well a couple times a week and that has cut the fur ball cough/dance about 95%. He just got these little(about 3/4inch x 1/4 inch) knots(2) that appeared out of the Blue[sic LOL] midway down his back . Maybe I am neurotic(I am) but he is such a good looking guy I hate to cut them out but they were really tough and did not respond to any sort of brush comb. They just seemed to pop up and I at first thought he got something in his hair but he is an inside cat and it ended up just little knots. I guess I am asking Is this common? I have never had a fellow with this kind of coat and I have had a lot of cats. Thanks

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Louie has alot of Maine Coon in him and he has long hair also. What I found helps comb out the knots (or prevent them) is to get a wide tooth metal comb for cats. Seems to take out the knots without hurting the cat and helps with grooming.

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I have 2 persian cats I showed with CFA last season - Julian got Regional Win and Santana ended up as CFA best cream smoke persian 2010, regional breed winner etc., both are CFA grands, off course, and both have very long coats.

People think I comb them daily or at least very often and they are mistaken. I may comb them once in a while but it is really rarely.

I would never touch a knot or matt or tangle or furrball with a comb - never ever. Only with my fingers. I go through my cats coat with my hands and fingers, find whatever needs attention, work it through with my fingers as much as I can and then I may comb this out.

There are tons of factors that "contribute" to forming knots, I would put grease and diet in the first place. My cats actually rarely have furrballs or knots

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I was a Pro groomer for 12 years, and I have found that using a plastic letter opener will help get through any hair knots or mats. This a a pic of what I am talking about;
http://www.officeworld.com/Worlds-Biggest-Selection/WEVCOA12 /10Q1/
Just run it through and comb out with a metal comb .
Good Luck

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Purrfect Thanks for keeping me the best looking in the house(don't tell Toby or Timmy)kitty


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I am also a big cat. I think the problem is that perhaps Buddy cannot reach his lower back to groom it. If that is the problem the furminater works good to get the matts out. It is expensive but worth it. Test it on your arm first so you know how it feels and don't use any pressure with it. Only use it for a couple of minutes a day, if that. Good luck.