Cat Litter?

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Purred: Wed Apr 7, '10 1:34pm PST 
Mom bought me some of that World's Best Cat Litter, and we do NOT like it. No, not at all, not one little tiny bit! None of us, not me, not mom, and especially not dad!!

First of all, the litter itself smelled ICKY!! Mom could smell it all the way in the front room. And then, when I pooped, you could smell it all over the house. Dad accused me of not covering "it" up!! But I did, really. Mom even went and checked. Then dad went in and scooped it out and emptied the trash, but we could still smell it. Mom lit candles all over the house.

So, we emptied the rest of our jug of litter (can't remember what we were using) on top of the WBCL. That helped a lot. We WON'T be using that stuff ANYMORE!!! Thankfully mom had a $3.00 coupon, so it wasn't any more expensive than the other kind we were using.


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Purred: Wed Apr 7, '10 3:55pm PST 
Funny, there is a thread in the health forum on this very topic! Several Catsters have complained about the smell with WBCL. I didn't have a problem, but mixed it with Dr. Elsey's so that may be why (and some kitties "doo" must have a different way of interacting with the litter that causes the highly offense smell sometimes! shock ).

Straight Dr. Elsey's works great (no dust, no scent, super hard clumping) and I also use Tidy Scoop power blend sometimes.

Good luck in your quest for the perfect litter! smile


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Purred: Thu Apr 8, '10 12:21pm PST 
I just got some, transiting from Yesterday's News to it. We'll have to see how it goes.

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Purred: Thu Apr 8, '10 1:55pm PST 
We had the same issue with WBCL~ Daddy kept saying that the box needed to be scooped shock

We use Dr. Elsey's ~ love it way to go

I have seen many cats here that love WBCL and don't care for Dr. Elsey's~ you just have to find what works for you wink


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Purred: Sat Apr 17, '10 2:50pm PST 
yup that's why we stopped using it. I've been using SwheatScoop for 10+years, thought I'd try WBCL. 6cats avoided it, so I went back to SwheatScoop. No smell and it provides an income to American farmers whose wheat doesn't meet food-grade wheat.

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Purred: Sat Aug 28, '10 10:27pm PST 
My mommy lubbb me so she got me Dr. Elsey's Kitten Attract juz fur me feet and I really really appreciated it.

I dinna have any accident since day uno she's gotten me home.

Loooooove my litter!cloud 9