Why do I have to put my cat to sleep to have her groomed?

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I have a himi that is 2. Last year the groomer reccomended I have her put to sleep because she is very strong and fights too much through the grooming process. I don't want to have to do that this year..I don't think it is safe. What can I do?

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I needed to be groomed too, and the vet said they needed to knock me out.shock What I said. I'm 19 no way. So the human took me to another vet and asked if I can have just a pain relief and be shave. They said it was fine. I was a good boy, the human was there too and it was done during a consult.
Mind you, I only got half of me shaved. But there was no problems at all.
I needed pain relief because I have very bad arthritis. The human even use to work at the other clinicfrown So you can always ask. I suppose it's whats best for you. If you do get stressed out maybe it is better to be sedated.


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I would check with another groomer to see what their procedure is. Is it possible to maybe give a little something to relax kitty instead? Maybe that is what they are talking about. It may be necessary, but I would make sure first, as it is not a "simple" thing to put a cat under anesthetic. If there is no choice, I would make sure to get blood work in case there are unknown health issues that can cause problems too. Good luck with this


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Some cats get really stressed during the whole grooming process. Cats arent like dogs when they get really stressed its a scary thing. Cats have been known to give themselves heart attacks on the groom table. Never happened to me but I have heard stories. When a cat gets that bad there is no talking them down either. How is your cat to be brushed and combed out at home? The more you do it the better they do get as long as you are consistent. Little bit every day. Snowflake is not easy with certain things either. I work with her everyday. We have had her since november maybe. I dont need ski gloves to brush her teeth anymore. She loves to be brushed now to. She still growls for teeth brushing but thats it. The nail trimmings is still a process. But she fights alot less and am hoping with work we wont need the muzzle anymore. BUT I work with her everyday. AND I dont stop till I get something good. For instance if she lashes out at me while brushing her teeth. I do it more she figures out she cant win. She no longer tries. So maybe with some work at home your cat will improve with grooming.