New Persian! Advice please :)

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I just got a four year old white persian this Sunday. She is very timid and mostly hides, though I've gotten her to at least sit in the same room as me and she occasionally comes around to be pet. I did all the recommended things, allowing her to come out when she feels like it, not following her around, giving her own room to adjust to, buying her a Feliway dispenser, etc...

She of course HATES grooming time. She has matts in her fur and hisses and spits at me. She has an appoinment to be shaved this Thursday frown.
Even though that will take care of the issue for now, she still has crusty eyes/tears and in the future I would like to grow her beautiful hair out again.

Are there any tips long-haired cat owners could give me about grooming difficult cats? If I force her to be groomed everyday will she always hate me/run away from me? How can I avoid biting and scratching from her?


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I do not have a long hair kitty, but I wonder if she had a bad experience before. This might have been traumatic, and will take time & patience to work through. I am sure there are lots of long hair kitty parents that will have more advice for you, but in the meantime, I would try & get her adjusted to you first, and slowly introduce the grooming so she doesn't get too frightened.

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She is behaving normally for a new cat in a strange situation. Give her time to adjust. For grooming shaving is best for now. Then work with her several times a day, EVERY day, combing her. Start right after she is shaved down. Clean her eyes daily also. Some Persians just have runny eyes - there is nothing wrong with them.


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I'm a little testy when it comes to grooming and brushing but Mommy talks to me real sweet and pets me and gently begins to brush or comb.

They will get used to it for the most part but if they get bad a shave is a must.

Good Luck


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Meoki was TERRIBLE to groom when I first got her. She had to be completely shaven as she had fur "wings" off her body at least 8 inches out. What worked for us was shaving her completely, and then I gave her two days with the grooming tools out next to the treats. The next day, when she was letting me pet her, I'd casually pick one up, but I wouldn't use it on her. We did this for probably about 3 more days. Eventually, I found out that she really LOVES getting her face scratched. So, I started using the greyhound comb just on her cheeks. At first, she was a little put off, but she quickly warmed up. She LOVES getting her face brushed now. I'll do two or three swiped on her cheeks, and then gently do her back. Every day, I'd start with her face, then slowly move to another body part. It's been about 8 months, and I still don't groom her in one fell swoop, but every 2 days I probably hit her whole body. The trick is when we were first starting whenever she was uncomfortable, I'd either move back to her face where she loved it or sooth her, give her a treat and be done for the day. This way, grooming was never scary. I brushed her everyday when didn't have hair, just to keep her going and used to it, it worked!

As for eyes: it's something we just had to do! I did it completely separate from the brushing. I'd brush her in the morning, eyes at night, or vice versa. With her eyes, I'd slowly get a bowl and fill it with warm water and then some cotton balls. When everything is ready, I grab Meoki and gently put her on my lap. She is used to it, but if you put a hand on her chest beneath her head, she feels like she can't escape. So, I leave on hand there and with the other hand I give her the "spa" treatment. I dunk a cottonball and gently put it on an eye. Then, I wipe it off and repeat with as many cottonballs as necessary. At first, we did this every 3 or so days. Now, we do it everyday, it's no big deal, and she gets treats. She doesn't like it, but it really is ok. Just don't use the same cottonball twice or double dunk, because then it will potentially contaminate the eyes with bacteria, and you want the gunk gone, not spread around. Feel free to comment on Meoki's profile with any questions or if you need more advice. Persians are a lovely animal, but the adjustment period for both of you can be extreme! Best of luck.

Tools you need for her grooming:
Greyhound comb or similar steel comb with wide teeth
I use a undercoat rake
Many, many cottonballs (about 4 per cleaning session)
If you do get mats after she's been groomed, let me know.

slicker brush, it just rips out the fur and mats get worse
(we can't use the furminator, it hurt her delicate skin)


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Thank you for your responses guys. Just an update, she is doing better. She got her hair shaved, and I comb it every day around her whole body. She doesn't need the combing,, but it's helping her get used to me for the future. I'm cleaning her eyes twice a day, but right now I'm just looking at solutions like Eye Envy or Angel Eyes to keep her face white. smile

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I have used Eye Envy and really like the results. I do suggest the refrigerated kind though and not the herbal one. The cold one seems to work better.


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When Spencer was a baby, I made sure to hold him in my lap and rub his belly to desensitize him to it. Ok, granted, he is a short hair, but it was something that was important to me. Now, he will come stretch out in front of me and bare his belly to have it scratched. A cat's belly is their most vulnerable part, and they are not willing to show it. The point of my story is to try to desensitize your kitty to having it's belly touched. Most long haired cats matt underneath first. Many people can brush the top of the cat, but still have problems with the belly. Just sneak your hand under there and start stroking. Don't force it. She may never like it, but if you can get her use to it, your job will be easier. Just an additional recommendation to the good advice the others gave you. As another person said, your kitty may not NEED to be groomed right now, but you doing it, will help her get use to you touching her, and also help you 2 bond. Good luck!

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I agree with all the great advice. Rubbing your Persian kitty down with your hands all over her body as petting everyday will really help and benefit her so you both get used to whats normal for her body. You will feel mats if they come in future. I want to recommend additionally a zoom groom it massages only and catches a little stray fur but mostly it massages and feels really good. Its about 5 dollars and it has a cat on the front of it so you know your getting a cat one not dog. It would be especially comfortable right now as the fur is short and really help your new kitty with the grooming process. And a wide tooth comb a must as the fur grows out the tangles will stay at bay if you really do it everyday. I still have to discipline myself and I have had Persians now for 16 years. The white coats really show tear stains alot. I use plain old eye wash for cats or for people. It does work well but I do use a stain product once in awhile. I don't like any of the stain products much but I haven't used the ones here recommended yet so I might try them myself.

There are lots of resources on grooming at groups Persians and himilayan beauties and smushy face cat club as well as you tube. I have a very old cat who just now is very cranky over grooming now. I have used these resources myself and have learned and renewed my own Persian grooming skills.

As the shyness well my beloved late cat was so shy in the beginning and I won her over. It just takes time and the shyness to me completely disappeared but not to other people. All it matters is to you and your family anyway.

Good Luck Persians are wonderful cats and well as all cats!!!!!

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