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Good grooming practices are essential for maintaining health and happiness for you and your cat. This is a forum to exchange tips and advice for proper care of your cat's hygiene needs.


Purred: Thu Dec 17, '09 9:56pm PST 
i treated moggy for fleas with spot flea stuff and still really infested i even flea bites when he sleeps with me any suggestions its pretty bad


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Purred: Fri Dec 18, '09 5:35pm PST 
Not sure if your talking about Zodiac spot on or what> If you are that and Hartz arent the greatest and for really bad infestations it wont work. You need the good stuff only vets carry. Advantage, frontline, revolution, etc. Also you may need to take care of your house to as your carpets and rugs and furniture is probably infested with fleas as well.


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Purred: Sat Dec 19, '09 8:29pm PST 
I agree, but most pet stores carry the Frontline and Advantage. We use the Advantage. But since it does cost a lot, almost 50.00 buckseek I buy the Advantage for a 65lb Yellow Lab. It is the exact same thing as the cat's Advantage. Just shake up the tube and apply 3-4 drops on the shoulder blades. To seal the product so it will not evaporate, I use a small piece of a plastic bag on the tip before I place the top back on the tube. This way you spend the same amount but get more product. My Vet told me this was very safe. There is also a powder for your carpet called Enforcer.(I buy it from Walmart) I have some and it is Cinnamon Spice. I works GREAT! There is also a flea spray called De-Flea and that stuff is so safe they even package it for reptiles. So you have a few more choices now that I know for a fact work!
Good Luck and please keep us posted!

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Purred: Wed Jan 13, '10 10:32am PST 
for a really bad flea issue, the only route is is get flea stuff from the vet. i dont recommend frontline thought, it dosnt work. try advantage or revalution.

you can also use a flea comb to get rid of the adults. get a cup of hot hot soapy water to dip the fleas in once you catch them. Also wash all your cats bedding, blankets, ect. get a cheep flea collar and put it in your vaccum bag (to kill the fleas that get sucked up) and vaccum 2X a day for a while.

sometimes if the fleas are REAL bad you will need to keep this up for 2 months or more. good luck

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i forgot to add

being that you allready put spot on stuff, you might not be able to put on more. i would ask the vet

chemicals are pretty bad for them, so i usually do a spot on treatment and then be sure to clean up the areas really well. stay away from sprays, foggs, ect because you have allready used one on the cat.


Purred: Sat Feb 13, '10 6:54pm PST 
Does the Advantix for dogs say it is also for cats? I thought all those medicines were species specific. Cats are more sensitive than dogs.
Fleas can live for weeks without a feeding, so you'll have to be really vigilant about getting rid of them. When I adopted many of my cats, I combed them several times a day, and vacuumed as well. Thankfully I never needed flea sprays, powder, or bombs.
Fleas also carry tapeworms, so look out for rice-looking things wherever kitty is.

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Purred: Sat Feb 13, '10 11:04pm PST 
13calicos; The Advantix for dogs is ONLY for dogs. You are quiet right. I was speaking of the regular advantage. I split it up among all 3 of my dogs and 3 cats.


Purred: Sun Feb 21, '10 2:23pm PST 
I'd just like to add that although dog Advantage and cat Advantage are the same formula and safe as long as you stick to the recommended dosage (Frontline also, I believe) - SOME, in fact MOST flea products for dogs can be FATAL if applied to cats so PLEASE be very careful and do not assume that all dog flea products can be used on catsway to go

I would always advise to only ever use veterinary recommended flea control products. Although you can buy cheaper stuff, it is a false economy as they do not work and they also use crude pesticides which your pet is more likely to have a bad reaction too.

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