The Furminator and RagaMuffins

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Purred: Tue Jul 14, '09 10:42am PST 
My cats like being brushed and they don't get tangles or mats but they do shed a little and sometimes I see them lick and swallow fur when they are grooming themselves.
So I thought about getting the Furminator comb for them but the websites I can order it from ALL say not to use it on certain breeds, Ragamuffins being one of them.
Does anyone know why???


wooly bully
Purred: Wed Jul 15, '09 11:16am PST 
It will damage the top coat of long hair breeds. Another great tool to get rid of the dead hair is the Zoom Groom. It works for all breeds since it's lots of rubber "fingers" rather than a blade. It's also very easy to clean since the hair practically slips off the brush.

Just be prepared for a lot of hair. I used the Zoom Groom on my 7 pound Siamese mix boy and I got a giant pile of hair off of him in about 10 minutes. My MC mix doesn't like it too much but I was also able to get a lot of hair off of him even though I only groomed him for a couple of minutes.

Another perk of the Zoom Groom is that it's a lot cheaper than the furminator. It's only about 8 bucks at Petco compared to 30 for the Furminator starter kit along with paying even more when you need replacement blades.