Help....majorly matted hair

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Copy Cat

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My mom rescued me in December. I have spent most of my life having to fend for myself. Now I am settled into my new furever home and trusting my mom and dad. My mom wants to brush the mats out of my hair now that I trust her but some of them are so tangled in my hair that she is having a really hard time with them. Besides shaving my coat off, which she really doesn't want to have to do, is there anything else that she can try that would make it easier? She has used every piece of grooming equipment she has(slicker brush, shedding blade, double sided brush) nothing is really working. She also doesn't want to traumatize me since I am really just starting to trust her enough to let her spend about 5 minutes trying to get the mats out and she doesn't want to set my trust back any. She hasn't given me a bath yet....again I am just barely starting to trust.....but if she HAS to she will with a shampoo with conditioner in it. Any ideas would be apprecciated. Thanks in advance from a shy, nervous kitty girl who is just learning to trust that people don't want to hurt her but want to help.

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I just found this thread. I sure hope you got help and you are not shaved.
I was in the same situation as you until recently
I had been lost on the streets for weeks and then spent time
at a rescue place. They did their best but I was full of mats.
I already had an appointment for a lion cut which mom
was not looking forward to
Then a grooming tool that mom ordered arrived.
(After trying them all she didn't have much hope but this one
is a miracle!
It is called Mat Breaker by ORVILLE Pet Products. Mom found it online.
Mats from under my armpits and the back of my legs were removed with the greatest of ease! I barely had time to be


I don't know who is happier, mom or me!

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I agree the Mat Breaker is a great tool! My mumma has used one on me for years!


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Petsupermarket Has that!
http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2754386&l mdn=Category
Our Price: $6.79 to 19.99
I like this one also. I have both.
http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2751487&lmdn=C ategory
You could also try going to Staples Office Supple store. Get a plastic letter opener . I have used them when I was a professional Groomer. I just bought two packs to show to people when I am in the stores doing a Demo for Nutro. They cost me @4.00 each , 2 per package.
Here is a picture from a different comp.
http://www.officeworld.com/Worlds-Biggest-Selection/WEVCOA12/ 09Q1/
Good luck but if she will not tolerate dematting, the kindest thing would be to take her to your VET, have them sedate her and let the GROOMER give her a lion clip. Remember it is only hair and will grow back. That way she does not hate you for dematting her.
Good Luck with that and please let us know what you decide to do.
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Nope my mom refuses to get me shaved unless she doesn't have any other options. She checked out the Mat Breaker that you cats suggested and is going to look into getting one next week. Unfortunately dads' work cut his pay a whole bunch recently so they had to tighten up their budget but mom refuses to switch us(cats and dogs both) back to the "junk" food they were feeding us. So she has to sacrifice some things that she would love to get but she said that's fine with her because we are worth it. See she recently(well a few months ago now for the dogs and just about a month or so ago for us cats) switched us to higher quality foods and its made a HUGE difference for all of us. The dogs aren't shedding as much and are getting much healthier and she is already noticing improvements in us cats too.....mainly that we aren't throwing up nearly as much(in fact it's practically stopped all together) and our litter box can't be smelled on the other end of the apartment anymore when we potty in it. Anyways she likes the look of the Mat Breaker and also found a few other simulair brushes at PetCo that she is going to look into getting to try too. Shaving, because of how shy/scared I have been will be an absolute last resort.


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That is excellent news Copy Cat! Good luck with dematting, just take it very slowly and not all at once. Please keep us informed on your progress. happy dance

Copy Cat

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P.C. My mom doesn't know how to do anything but take it slow and easy with scared/nervous animals. She has worked with animals in one way or another most of her life and has helped many a shy/scared/timid animal come around. She even helped a lot come out of their shells and be able to find new, loving homes when she volunteered at an animal shelter for a bit when she was a teen. So she doesn't know how to work with any animal without lots of patiences and taking her time.......although sometimes my dog siblings make it hard for her to be patient. MOL.....but that's a dog for you.