brush for medium haired cat?

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Miss Clean
Purred: Fri May 22, '09 8:39pm PST 
Chloe has medium length, fluffy coat and every spring/summer she sheds really bad, leaving tufts of white hair everywhere, I use a slicker brush on both cats and try to brush them at least every other day, but I dont think its helping. Is it ok to use a shedding comb on her?



The Silly Guy
Purred: Sat May 23, '09 7:03pm PST 
Hi Chloe,
I also have medium length fur and Mom alternates between the Furminator and the Zoom Groom on me. They both work great, but I prefer the Zoom Groom - it's practically like getting a massage and it removes tons of loose fur way to go


I beg, therefore- I am.
Purred: Sat May 23, '09 8:32pm PST 
thanks, I posted a reply on another thread. I got a zoom groom and it works really well, I dont think people realize how well it works compared to regular brushes. I groomed boogie and ton of hair came out and now shes super soft and clean.