Dirty Bum... what to do

Good grooming practices are essential for maintaining health and happiness for you and your cat. This is a forum to exchange tips and advice for proper care of your cat's hygiene needs.

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I may meow to- you if you're- worthy
Purred: Tue Feb 2, '10 3:14pm PST 
boy am I glad to see that the princess here is not the only one. It makes me wonder if it is taught by momcat. We raised her from a week old, and did have to do the wipee thing when little, but every so often, it is kind of "girl go wipe your fuzzy butt!" I will have to try the baby wipes.....

KuJu Ku

Bobtails Rule!
Purred: Wed Feb 3, '10 12:50pm PST 
If you dont want to get baby wipes just dampen a paper towel with some luke warm water and use that.. Kujy is funny when he gets his butt wiped, he spreads his toes and stands there like hes enjoying it.. MOL laugh out loud


Future mother of- Grand Champions!
Purred: Wed Feb 10, '10 11:53pm PST 
Hmm...sounds like Kujy may have some kind of, er, fetish, MOL. One word of warning: none of my Maine Coons ever got Klingons until Elise came on board, and by the time I'd noticed them, they'd petrified. Not a good idea to try to scissor them out--you run a good risk of injuring your cat. She's 10 months old but bigger than your average moggy adult, so she's not really a kitten. Suggestion: as gross as it sounds, a daily inspection of that area, especially for long haired cats, can help get rid of those Klingons before they turn to stone. If your cat will stand for it, trimming that area is not a bad idea, either, although this mostly applies to long hairs. Have fun!!!

Lily ( help- I'm missing- )

Sweet Girl
Purred: Wed Mar 17, '10 6:10pm PST 
I've been having this problem with my lily kitten whom is a maine coon too, very fury bottom. She is 7 months old, I didn't like the idea of trimming her bottom, but her poop is totally really smelly, it would put you out of the house. So today when she came out of the litter box with a lot stuck on her, I took a old wash cloth with warm water and held her football style, back end facing out, and proceded to wash her bottom, she didn't like it much, struggled to get free. When I finally got her clean, out came the tiny scissors, and I trimmed a bit of fur, not sure if its helped yet, but I sure hope so. We sure are going to get some baby wipes, great idea!!


Purred: Wed Mar 17, '10 6:52pm PST 
If you see a groomer you can ask for a hygienic clip on the medium/long haired.

I get my furry pants clippered with Papa's hair clipper. It's got several clipper guards in differing lengths that will only cut the hair to a specific centimeter measurement.
In addition to providing an even length clipping, the clipper guards also ensure that the blades of the clipper never touch any skin.

It makes cleaning my furry pants easier and quicker for everyone involved.
I never quite got the full lesson from MomCat on how to clean up my own butt.


Purred: Fri Apr 2, '10 9:06am PST 
Lily - when I was a younger cat and weighed considerably less than my current almost 17 lbs, mom used to get me "football style" for what she called a "butt-washing" if I didn't do a good enough job for myself. Now that I am much bigger, she has a hard time controlling me like that, so we went for a shave at the vet. I'm a much happier and nicer smelling fella now!laugh out loud

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