Dirty Bum... what to do

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Purred: Wed May 13, '09 11:15pm PST 
red face
Baxter constantly has a dirty bum. He is short haired, but there are tiny chunks of pooh around his bum. He doesn't have loose stools, they are tiny solid pieces. (I know, pretty graphic!)
He tolerates me cleaning it, but I am finding it to be pretty gross, and worried about cleanliness issues on our furniture/bed etc.

Should he be cleaning himself here?


Purred: Thu May 14, '09 5:12pm PST 
He's just a baby. Proper hiney grooming is a skill that comes with experience. He will probably get better when he gets older, but for now, I would just buy some baby wipes and help him keep his little butt clean. I use Pampers sensitive so they aren't really scented and won't make them sick.


Purred: Sat Jul 11, '09 2:48am PST 
Thanks so much for the response! We are hoping this behavior changes quickly!!!


Purred: Tue Sep 29, '09 5:59pm PST 
How is he now? Its been a while. My 9 week old kitten is the same, but he is long haired, im hoping he'll start cleaning himself down there eventually!


Is it dinner- time, meow!
Purred: Thu Oct 1, '09 8:01am PST 
Good advice, it does take a while for them to "discover" all the places they need to clean. When they're first born, mother's have to stimulate their bum in order to have them go to the bathroom. I read about that when a stray had kittens under our porch and we were trying to figure out when the best time would be to take them from their mother and give them away. Needless to say, we waited until they could "go" on their own. But maybe that has something to do with it?

Hope it ends up well!


The Lion King
Purred: Sat Oct 3, '09 8:09am PST 
Simba is 5 months old and is short-haired. He too is not so good at cleaning is butt. He has been getting better lately. It is a skill that takes time to master. I'm sure it will get better. Baby wipes work and are easy to use.eek

Sheriff Piso

hello green- eyes!
Purred: Sun Nov 22, '09 11:18am PST 
What about an adult cat with a dirty bum?
You think if I clean it enough he will get the picture!?

He does have off and on loose stools, so maybe I will contact the vet.


She Who Soars
Purred: Thu Nov 26, '09 10:17pm PST 
I don't like wasting a whole baby wipe on a tiny kitten bum, so I just have a stack of baby washcloths I keep with Maya's grooming stuff, along with a spray bottle of no-rinse type kitten shampoo. I just spray a little bit on the washcloth and use that to clean her. I think it's just part and parcel of having a kitten sometimes! kitty

As fer an adult... how old is this adult? i have this problem occasionally with my elderly long hair, I think the combination of his age plus his long fur make it tough to clean back there.

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Tubby tabby- love!
Purred: Fri Nov 27, '09 10:45pm PST 
Now that I think of it, it seems that all of my cats (at present, they total 11 adults and semi-adults) have little bits of doo-doo around their anus. I've often wondered what happens to those tiny brown flecks when the cat is sitting down. I have one domestic short hair and 10 Maine Coons; the MCs have very fluffy hair back there that hides the naughty bits. Now, when I see my DSH walking around with his tail held high so that you get a good view of the hole in question and the doo-doo leftovers around it, I find it a bit gross. By the way, he's five now, and no kitten any more. As for baby wipes, don't they make pet wipes in the U.S.? They do in Japan.

Little Miss- Skitty Kitty

skitty's in love
Purred: Sun Jan 31, '10 6:58am PST 
BABY WIPES are you answer. we have 3 dogs & one cat at our place & all of them get their bums wiped. i know it is natural for them to do it themselves but we let them kiss us & the thought of that is just ewwwwwwww. also the fact that they are allowd on the furniture/beds...it just makes things more hygenic for all.

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