I'm matty..yuck

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Gustav AKA- Gus

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Purred: Sun Apr 12, '09 1:07pm PST 
Aaack..my foster mom keeps finding little mats in my coat. In the morning when she changes my bed she'll find them on my bed, I puul them during the night.
She noticed I was scrachting but I get Frontine and get brushed almost everyday, no fleas(hate it! so she thinks she's not doing a good job) Haven't had a bath in long time b/c I hate it and she thought I didn't need it, until now. I had a butt shave though.
So now that I'm all ready to be shown for adoption I go and get matsfrown..should she take me to the groomer? I hope I don't have to have a lion cut..I always looked a bit raggedy and now that I'm a teen I finally fluffed up completly, then I got mats. I'm a Maine Coon type..oh they've ordered the Furminator for all kitties but I should have the mats off first, right? What do you recommend to do first? I'm indoor only of course.

Miss Phoebe

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Purred: Sun Apr 12, '09 1:23pm PST 
We understand how BAD mats can be. We brush Miss Phoebe effury day. Most people who like DLH kitties know about The Lion Cut. We doubt that would deter someone from adopting Gus now!

He looks like a cutie!!!!!kitty


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Purred: Sat May 30, '09 4:43am PST 
I'm writing for my cousin who is a short haired DSH. His owner passed away and the other family members don't take care of him as well. He gets thick mats on his sides and on the top back, BAD mats. My Mom tries to cut as much out as she can when she visits him, but the last time it was terrible and she couldn't get most out. He is so sweet he sits for over an hour letting her try and cut out what she can. Don't know why he gets these, he is a little over weight but the other two DSH cats don't get them. My mom wants to take him home but they won't let her. Is there a cutting tool that would work with a blade in it. He needs help and he is the sweetest guy in the world. Please any advice other than taking to a groomer


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KuJu Ku

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Purred: Sat May 30, '09 4:29pm PST 
Maybe your mom could take the little guy home and bath him with a good degreaser shampoo and put a conditioner on him..
make sure to rinse really really well tho cause if you dont that could cause matts also. Alot of people use just a basic DAWN dish detergent on their cats (it takes all the oils out) and then conditioner to replace the softness.

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Purred: Wed Jun 3, '09 7:47am PST 
I actually read on catster somewhere, I think in the answers section that washing could make the mats worse. I know you have to be very careful trying to remove them yourself, it is easy to cut the cat accidentally. Maybe you could call a groomer and ask what type of tools would be best?


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Purred: Wed Jun 3, '09 10:18am PST 
"Don't know why he gets these, he is a little over weight but the other two DSH cats don't get them"
Usually short haired cats do not get them, but if he does not groom himself well enough and his fur is at all oily, then that is why. My DSH Nikita began to get mats when she was elderly because she couldn't reach around as well to clean her back. Perhaps he is depessed over the loss of his owner, it could be the quality of his food, or if he is older and as you said, a bit over weight, then maybe he's just not caring for himself. Once the current mats are cleared up, regular brushing will help prevent them. A bath might not be a problem for a short haired cat, but for long haired cats like mine, it makes it worse. If I do not brush mine out and use a blowdrier after a bath, they would be a mess.
Also, I use an undercoat rake on mine. Works like a Furminator to reduce the loose hair but does not cost as much. There is also a tool called a matt breaker with safe little blades in it. Much safer than scissors.

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