I received a Lion Cut

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Love me, but- don't touch me
Purred: Wed Feb 4, '09 7:06am PST 
I'm a long hair. Unfortunately, I have the type of undercoat that sticks to itself and quickly balls up tight against my skin. I hated being touched and don't even look at me with that brush. At least that used to be my attitude. The tight fur balls hurt and itched and I twitched all the time. I was miserable. Finally, they took me back to my groomer who the last time I used as a scratching post when she was trying to comb them out. She gave me a "Lion" cut. Right to the skin. She left me with all my fur on my head and neck (never matted), on my legs (looked like I was wearing fur covered boots) and the tip of my tail so it looked like a pom-pom that I could wiggle in front of my sister Cali's nose.

I felt great afterwards. My owners tried their best to not laugh when I entered a room and my sister just hissed and ran away for two weeks before she would finally speak to me again.

Now, my fur is growing in. No more knots, no twitching and I actually ask for brushing. My coat is shiny and I'm pretty again.

The lesson. Dramatic yes, but if my fur ever starts to ball up against my skin again, I hope my owners will take me back to the groomer again for another Lion cut but please, not at the start of winter. I was cold for awhile although they would help me get under the bed covers every day. Currently though we are spending the rest of winter in AZ where it is warm and I can lay in the sun and groom and groom.


I'm cute and I- know how to use- that :)
Purred: Thu Feb 5, '09 10:07pm PST 
I know it's probably not sturdy enough for a long haired cat, but have you tried a zoom groom on her yet? My shorthair has a very dense undercoat, and was making himself sick (lots of hairballs every day) grooming it. He hated brushes with a passion (he even attacked one, along with my hand). But with the zoom groom, he's come to love brushing. You know he wants to be brushed when he squats on the floor and meows. big laugh