Good grooming practices are essential for maintaining health and happiness for you and your cat. This is a forum to exchange tips and advice for proper care of your cat's hygiene needs.

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the luckiest cat- in town
Purred: Thu Jan 29, '09 9:07am PST 
This may be a dumb question red face but i really have no idea. How often are you supposed to bathe your cats? I have a Himalayan and a short hair cat. Do i need to bathe the Himalayan more often? I was just wondering because i am so confused. They both have beautiful clean coats so i haven't found it necessary but i want to make sure im doing whats best for them hamster dancehamster dance


Mr. ``B``
Purred: Thu Jan 29, '09 9:11am PST 
My personal opinion is a cat does not need to be bathed. Unless it is really dirty or smelly. It sounds like both your kitties are doing a great job of cleaning themselves. Tell them to keep up the great work.way to go

The- Wisconsin- cats

Purred: Thu Jan 29, '09 10:18am PST 
I agree, for most cats baths are not really necessary. If they got dirty or go to cat shows then baths would be necessary. I do bath my cats. Linus goes to cat shows occasionally, Micky has a coat that tends to get a little oily/greasy, and Mr. Fez is overweight and gets some dander issues if he doesn't get some occasional help.


RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Thu Jan 29, '09 2:16pm PST 
Its not a dumb question, mol, no question is dumb, thats how we learn. big grin

Mine are show cats, so they get baths, but only before a show. I don't bathe
them in between shows. Kittens starting out, get a few "training baths"
before their first show, then only for shows.

If your cats are clean, and keep themselves well groomed, and you keep
the Himmie combed out, so no mats, you prob don't need to bathe them.

I do however feel, its important to teach a cat to have a bath, should it be
needed in the future. Nothing worse than having to bathe a cat, who has
never been taught to have one, and the biting/scratching, etc that goes
with it. And it teaches them to be handled and to accept being handled,
whatever situation should come up. big grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin


A little bit- naughty.
Purred: Thu Jan 29, '09 3:46pm PST 
We never get bathed unless we have a "poop catastrophe". We are long haired cats. Enough said.
However, we ran across this very funny set of instructions on how to bathe a cat. Read and laugh. MOL
http://www.xmission.com/~emailbox/bathing.htmbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughsmile )!big laugh

*~* Angel *~* NightCrawler

One With The- Night *R.I.P- Sweet Baby*
Purred: Thu Jan 29, '09 6:05pm PST 
Nighty's Momma Here:

You don't really "need" to give them baths, like the PPs stated. However, when we got Nighty he had SO many fleas from his previous owner's house that I felt I had to give him a bath with kitty flea shampoo. Since getting rid of the fleas however, he has not had a bath since. He keeps himself clean. I do agree on giving kittens a couple of baths as they grow up, just so that in the future if it needs to be done, they aren't freaking out.. way to go

Alaidh - my little- angel

The only real- cat is a grey- cat!
Purred: Thu Jan 29, '09 8:26pm PST 
My sister Sammie used to get baths because she had a dry skin condition. Mummy bathed her with an oatmeal shampoo from the vet. It helped, but what helped better was raw chicken! After she started eating that, her skin cleared right up! Since you guys have nice fur and skin, you wouldn't need special baths for it.

I've had, I think, 4 baths in my life (I'll be 20 in a month), only one of which was a full-body bath. The full one was because I got some sort of tar-like stuff in my fur and Mummy was worried it might be toxic, so she made sure Sammie, my cousin Murphy and I had baths...my cousin Katy had one, too, but only because she wanted one!! She likes water!!shock

The other baths I had were in the...er...bum area. I'm kinda fluffy and...well...you know...

Anyway, it probably isn't obvious, but my point is, unless there's a specific reason, like tar, poop or skin problem, we kitties can take care of our own baths. smile Though sometimes we need a little extra salon care for the pageants...aka cat shows.


Purred: Sat Jan 31, '09 4:47pm PST 
My Mom has to give me baths every week right now because I have ringworm. I'm a very good boy for her, but I really don't like getting baths at all! I can't wait for this ringworm stuff to go away!

Mom did find that I tend to get hairballs after my baths, so she always makes sure to give me special hairball treats to help me with that. I'm a short hair kitty and I hate being brushed even more than I hate getting baths!


-iTs aLl AbOuT- ME!!!-
Purred: Sun Feb 1, '09 6:04pm PST 
well I know most of you guys dont think its necesarry for us to get baths , but I get one every 2 or 3 months. my mommy never does it , she tried once and decided it was too much of a hassel and from then on , I just go to the groomer's every 2 or 3 months. I come back smelling like heaven , witha cute bow , my nails trimmmed (mommy doesnt dot this either) and my flea protection ( frontline). My grandpa doesnt really care if I get baths or not , but mommy and grandma say since I go outside and stuff , and since mommy is allergic , I need baths and so far , I have had no skin problems or anything , and this has been happengin for about 3 yrs now.


Don't breed or- buy when shelter- pets die
Purred: Mon Feb 2, '09 7:42pm PST 
We go outside during the warmer months (on leash and harness) and get to walk through the tall grass and roll around in the dirt, so we get a little sponge bath/damp wipe down almost every day. During these cold winter months we've had a couple of sponge baths with colloidal oatmeal which is nice for itchy dry skin and it also does a good job absorbing any oils or grease from lotion-y hands petting and cuddling.

Each cat gets maybe 2 - 3 butt-in-the-water baths each year. I doubt that they actually need it, but I think it's important that they are tolerant of it just in case they really have to have a bath someday. Heaven forbid we have a flea or ringworm infestation and that becomes their first experience with a bath! So I guess I consider it less of a necessity and more of a preventative measure.

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