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Purred: Sun Nov 9, '08 8:25am PST 
Jay usually gets mats in his fur during the colder seasons. Last year it wasn't that bad and I was able to trim all the mats out. This year he has them all over. (under his chin, back, sides) I have tried brushing him out and it didn't work and I have also trimmed a severley matted part of his side so now he looks funny. Do you think the best thing to do would just be to shave him and let his hair grow back? We would leave his legs, tail, and face with fur but the rest of him shaved. Please let me know if this would be a good idea. I don't know what to do with him right now and I imagine the mats are tugging at his skin which is probably painful.



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YOu can get a special brush that gets the mats out very easily, it is what I use. It looks like a small comb but it is curved like a claw, im not sure of the name of it. You can also use cornstarch to loosen the mats and comb them out.

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Flopsy always has a bad time in the winter with mats and knots in her fur. Since her fur is very thick, I groom her every day with a plastic comb. If she does get a knot in her fur, I will gently rub over and through it as I am groom in the rest of her fur, so as not to irritate that general area. After a little effort they will come out. If she does get a knot in her fur that is one that cannot be combed out, I will use a pair of barber scissors. I will sharpen them first to make absolute certain that they will cut over the knot, and not tear the skin. This is a must. Also, Flopsy trusts me with them. I will only cut as much of the knot as I need to, and then comb out the rest. As far as my other cats go, just regular grooming is all they need.


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Is Jay long haired or short haired? How old is he? What do you feed?

Just like our skin gets dry in the winter, so do theirs. Do you notice Jay grooming

Mine are long haired show cats, and they never get matts, they can't, clipping/shaving
is not allowed. smile smile smile