Litter box breath

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Hi everyone,
Kali has very bad breath which is so bad that it semlls like her litter box. Is there anything we can do to make her breath smell better?


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Talk to your vet. Halitosis can be a symptom of a serious medical problem. Once that's been ruled out, you can decide how to treat it.

Cats with Bad Breath

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Pepper had (still does a bit) bad breath, it turned out she had some dental problems that were probably pretty painful. Also started biting more than usual... If she seems otherwise ok, you can probably bring it up at your yearly exam... but if you suspect there might me more going on you should probably bring her in... some of those diseases are painful


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Hi evfurryone,
I was checked out by the docs at the Animal Rescue League in Boston before Meowmy and Daddy officially adopted me and they said I was fine. I do tend to bite Meowmy and Daddy but when Meowmy tells me to please stop I do. Daddy asks me I just look at him and do it again anyway lol. But Meowmy thinks I get over excited and thats why I bite and has been very patient in working with me on this. So I wont bite Daddies Grand kids when they come over to get their Christmas gifts this year.


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Well your profile says your cat was adopted in August, so she may have been perfectly healthy then. If she hasn't been to a vet since, I would take her again to rule out a medical problem. Dental problems that lead to bad breath in cats can be very serious and painful.


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I would definately take her to a vet and get her checked out. I would ask
for blood work to see if there is an underlying prob.

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