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Purred: Thu Oct 23, '08 1:51pm PST 
Charlie just had incident where his poop ended up all over the couch, and him. I had to give him a bath but I essentially had to choose between my own body wash and $1 dish detergent, so I pick the stuff I use on myself.
I now understand that kitties have a different pH balance,
so I'm concerned that he's going to have a reaction...or all of his hair will come out...or his skin will fall off.
Can somebody tell me what happens next?

Arthur (Miss- You!- '93-'09)

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Purred: Thu Oct 23, '08 3:43pm PST 
Probably nothing, as long as you didn't get it in his eyes.


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Purred: Thu Oct 23, '08 4:07pm PST 
lol you should have used the dish soap. But I doubt the cat will suffer any ill effects from your soap. In the future, use a kitten soap or a gentle dish soap like Dawn. Always make sure to rinse -very- thoroughly.


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Purred: Mon Dec 8, '08 4:00pm PST 
You can use unscented baby wipes, to clean butts, read this in Cat Fancy, and most show
people use them, for accidents.

If you use Dawn, it should be used diluted, as it can dry our their fur and skin, and as
Artus said, rinse, rinse, rinse, and rinse some more.

I start show kittens on Suave Baby shampoo. smile smile smile